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Not clear what you are saying about the "maps" count. To see the number of segments, zoom way out so you can see the entire map, then use the map too l(looks like a little polygon) to select the entire map. It will then show the total number of segments in the Maps tab. Is that what you did?
Yes, that's what I did. Look like "maps" count in Mapsource is the same as segments.
Yes, those JAVAWA are great apps. US 100K TOPO is 553 segments using the JAVAWA apps.

Also, and with this related link: http://www.javawa.nl/virtualdevice.html   I got a the Virtual Device working
where I setup up a Virtual Garmin on SD card that I loaded US TOPO100K so now I can work
with the 100K TOPO map in Basecamp without having to plug in the Etrex 30x. It was a little tricky
to do and it takes Basecamp about 5 minutes before TOPO 100k shows up as a map, but that also
takes about 5 minutes with the Etrex 30x. Guess it takes a while to load when Basecamp starts.

Thanks for all the help Boyd, you've been a great help getting me started


Thanks for the info Boyd...and you're right it's a 8g card. I'll make a backup

I got Mapsource loaded and I can see the "Map(s)" count, which I guess is the number of "segments"  on the free maps I downloaded.  Is that correct ?

However,  I can't bring up the Garmin 100k topo map with Mapsource to check the segment count . I'd like to know how many segments it has.  I can see the Garmin 100k topo with Basecamp though.

Not obvious to me how to open the SD card based Garmin topo 100k in Mapsource. When I do a File \ Open - and select gmapsupp.img which is the 100k topo, I get an error msg saying " gmapsupp.img is not a valid Mapsource file and could not be opened. Anyone ?

Thanks, I'll try to get a copy of that Mapsource to check the number of segments I need...good advice

Here's another question....Can I install maps on the TOPO 100k SD card ?

Thought I'd ask first in case it trashes the  TOPO 100k SD card.

Looks like there is about 4.5g left on the TOPO 100k SD card and 3.8g on the Etrex 30.

I read your post about the 4000 segment limit and it probably limiting you to about
 ~ 4-8g,

so I think I would first try to add maps to the 30x internal memory and then,

if it's possible and needed then put maps on the TOPO 100k card, but would try to avoid that.

GPSr Units / Can I install the Garmin 100k TOPO to Etrex30 memory ?
« on: March 01, 2017, 07:29:28 AM »
Greetings  :)

I purchased an Etrex 30x bundle that came with the Garmin TOPO US 100K on a micro SD card.

I also bought a 32g micro SD card to store these files from GPSFileDepot.

I would like to use the Etrex 30x internal memory to store the TOPO 100k map,
and have the GPSFileDepot maps on the 32g SD card, so I don't have to switch
SD cards. Is that possible ?

Also, this is my first GPS  and would appreciate any tips or links that you would suggest.
Mainly planning to use this GPS for hiking, running, and geocaching. Any other free maps
besides GPSFileDepot


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