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I'm using Windows 7 with Basecamp. I downloaded the US Topo 100K series onto Basecamp and they are beautiful maps, loads of detail. My Garmin Oregon 600 does not have enough internal memory to hold the US 100K series on it. I have successfully loaded the state 24K topo series for AZ, CO, UT, and NM onto the internal memory of the Oregon 600.

I have an 8 GB micro SD card with the folder GARMIN on it, installed the US Mtn TOPO 100K series on the card via the e:drive. I installed it onto the card via Basecamp mapinstaller. It was named "gpssupp" with no extension. No problem, I named it "usmtn topo" again with no extension. And the file is in the folder Garmin.

Load the card into the GPS and the map does not show on the setup maps section. Connect the GPS to the computer and the internal memory shows the previous topo maps I loaded. The SD card shows up and there is the new topo "usmtn topo".

How do I get the Oregon 600 to read the maps on the micro SD card? I have even tried loading the maps via basecamp and map installer to the f: drive while the GPS is connected to the computer. The maps end up on the card but again the GPS does not show them under map setup.

General Discussion / How to get Nuvi 1490 to read data card
« on: September 04, 2016, 09:57:57 AM »
My Nuvi 1490 is out of room! Two years ago I installed an 8 GB card and was able to again do map updates. My most recent map update it again gave a warning that additional room was needed. Today I installed a 32 gb micro sd card, formatted to FAT32. Then I updated, it gave me some choices on what would be installed. I wanted the entire Northamerican Topo, but that wasn't a choice. Went with Canada and the northern tier States, then selected SW 49. Looks like both were installed, but the f: drive on the Garmin is blank. How does the Garmin use the SD cards if nothing ever gets written on the card? The Garmin memory is almost full, and I put in lengthly routes. My routes have been getting truncated, with just the waypoints showing, not the entire road. Do these routes get installed on the SD card in a readable form from mapsource? The 1490 is not compatible with Basecamp.

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