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Cool.  Thanks for the input.  It is greatly appreciated.
Hello all,

does anyone know if there is a way to change or add more predefined speed limits into the import interface of GPSMapEdit version 6.0? (See attached .PNG)
I tried reassigning the yes or no values with numeric ones but still no dice...

Does anyone know if there is an online manual for GPSMapEdit?  I tried googling it but came up with a lot of random other GPS program PDF manuals but not the one I'm looking for.
I understand that but here is my dilemma...

I first go through and import a shapefile I want to use into MapEdit, shown in Import1.PNG.

But after I finish the import process and check the properties both the check boxes I want to be checked are still not marked, shown in Import2.PNG & Import3.PNG.

I still don't understand what I'm doing wrong in the process so that the attributes I'm trying to assign are checked off so I don't have to go through every single road and do it manually.
So do the check mark boxes use a 0 or 1 as for yes or no to assign whether these attributes are checked or not?
I tried binding the attributes using this function but they still are not being selected for any of the feature classes I am doing this too.  I'm not sure what the deal is.  I've tried changing the specific attribute names in my ArcMap file so that they match the ones I can bind them to in GPSMapEdit but it still has failed every time no matter how I label the attributes before exporting them.  It's rather frustrating honestly.
Hello all.

I am trying to figure out how to import shape files exported from ArcMap 10.2 into GPSMapEdit v6.0 with specifically assigned attributes predefined in my map from ArcMap to be selected after I import them into the map editor.  I.E., all my road polylines have attributes, like speed limit, one way, road name, assigned in ArcMap but do not select the right attributes in the MapEdit program after I import them.   It seems to be something simple but I still can't get it to work for me.

Anyone have any insight or experienced a similar problem?  Any information is greatly appreciated.