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Map Making Support / Re: Installer script... again
December 06, 2011, 08:13:46 PM
rws, I also use Inno Setup and think it is very easy.  I am trying to download your attached script to look at it but it saves as a .php file.  What do I do with it or what am I doing wrong.
GPSr Units / Re: Nuvi 500 - Good for ATV only use?
November 20, 2011, 12:21:23 PM
Some of our guys use the 500 but a lot use the 1300 or what ever they have.  I have ridden about a 1000 miles with my 1300 on and it still works.  I rode through a big rain storm with it on and it still works.  ATVers like them for the big screens.  You can see them pretty well while you are moving and bouncing.  It you are hiking or geocaching you can easily stop and read a smaller screen.  The other thing is you can get them real cheap on sale.  I would try your and see how it works.  You will need to get a ram mount to mount it securely, the Garmin mount will not work very well on an ATV.
GPSr Units / Re: Nuvi 500 - Good for ATV only use?
November 18, 2011, 08:20:24 AM
MNTrailridr, I do exactly what you want to do and I ride with a lot of people who use various Nuvi models.  You can load a custom map (like the ones on here to any Nuvi, the new "custom maps" like Google Earth you cannot.  All of the ATV riders on RZR and other forums use the tansparent custom maps.  I think the work "custom map" is becoming confusing.

You can search for maps on here by me, "BobT" and you will find three custom ATV trail maps for West Virginia, Taylor Park, Co, and Moab, UT.  These maps are widely used for ATV riding.  These all work great on all Garmin GPSr's.  These are the type of custom maps that ATV'ers use.  "eparks" on this site also makes ATV trail maps.

Not sure if this is the type map you were thinking about.

The link below will take you to a site where you can download a tutorial to make these type of maps.

You can also get a free progam called "gpx2img" that will make maps from GPX tracks with one click of a mouse.  They are not as nice or customizable but or OK.  These are not as easily distributed to friends as the ones in the tutorial which shows how to a distributable .exe file.
Map Making Support / Re: Installer script... again
October 08, 2011, 07:48:30 AM
Just curious but is NSIS better than Inno Setup.  I use Inno Setup and to my knowledge no one has had installation issues. 

Map Making Support / Re: Trail Basics
September 07, 2011, 07:03:39 AM
Code Junkie, I do exactly what you want to do, I think.  I take gps tracks and make transparent maps out of them that will overlay on top of what ever other map you have on your GPSr.  I make ATV riding maps.  There are several map making tutorials around the web but I went ahead and made my own which IMHO is the best for what you want to do.  Most of the map makers on this and other site make much more complex maps than what you or I need.  I like to overlay mine on top of theirs.  You can find my latest map "Moab Trails 3.0" on this site to see what the installer looks like and what the final map looks like.

This tutorial shows you how to make different colored and dashed lines, custom POI's, and I use Inno Setup for making a distributable self installer.  The tutorial has detailed instructions and screen shots for each step along with sample files.  The install program gives the user the option to install the original gps tracks along with other options.  You can change all of the options by making slight modifications to the installer.
Map Making Support / Re: Mac Installer
August 08, 2011, 08:45:30 PM
Thanks Seldom!  I downloaded the 2003Beta version and it saved it as a .tgz file.  I just uploaded it and it worked great.
Map Making Support / Mac Installer
August 08, 2011, 07:21:45 PM
I am not near as good a map maker as most of you on hear and I have a question.  I make simple maps for ATV trails and would like to add a Mac Version in my post.  I have made one of Moab and another person made the Mac Version for me.  I have just updated my WV ATV Trail map and would like to add the Mac Version.  I used the Garmin converter and get the .gmap file folder with all of the files.  When I try to upload it I get no where.   When I browse to the folder in the upload window and click on the folder it just keeps drilling down.  I think it is looking for a file with a .tgz or something extension.  What am I doing wrong.

Below is the name of the folder that the Garmin converter made.  It has several folders and files inside it.

WV ATV Trails 2_5-12345156.gmapi
GPSr Units / Re: Please recommend a GPSr
August 01, 2011, 08:35:00 AM
Medic265, I do just what you want to do.  I have made ATV Trail maps for Moab, Taylor Park, CO, and WV Outlaw and HM Systems.

The link below will take you to a site where you can download my detailed instructions on making the type map you want to make.  There are some map making tutorials on this site but I think mine is much more detailed with screenshots.  Mine shows you how to easily modify the look of tracks and POI's by modifying the Typ file.  I have an easy way to modify the Typ file.  I include a sample Typ file that all you have to do is change the 3 digit FID number.  I track with a Colorado and most of the people I ride with use Nuvi's with the maps installed on them.

Download the "Garmin Map Making Tutorial".

Regarding which GPSr to use the bigger the screen the better.  That is why a lot of people use the Nuvi.  But as Boyd said you cannot load tracks onto them.  You have to make a map of your tracks, which in my opinion is much better.  If you don't want anything fancy there is a program "gpx2img" that will turn your tracks and Wpts into a map with one mouse click.  Just Google it.

Download my WV ATV Trails 2.0 from this site and it will give you a flavor of what your maps will look like with my Typ file.  Be sure and read the "Color coding scheme" during installation.  If you are using gpx2img you cannot get this detail without a lot of work.