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When I first did it I had the same problem.  A few days later it worked down to 1000 ft.  I am not sure if having WiFi on affects it since it may be online to the map.

I found that the OSM map works the best.
The link below will take you to a download of a tutorial I wrote on how to make an Orux Multimap with my WV ATV Trails map as the top transparent map.  Be sure and read the last page as I give my opinion on the various maps to use as basemaps.   You have to replace the Orux "onlinemapsources.xml" file with the one I have posted several place in order to have access to the Google and Bing maps.  The link to the file is at the bottom of this post.
Orux is using the Garmin Vector image map file.  It is transparent on Garmin GPS devices.  Orux has a feature called "Multmap" that allows you to show one map on top of another map.  There is a thread on this on the RZR forum and I have made a tutorial on making a Multimap with my map.  Later to night I will post the link to it on here.

BCN does not use the Garmin map image.  Instead I have distributed my original gpx tracks for use with BCN.  You can find my original gpx tracks on several sites to download and import into Orux and it will be just like BCN.  You can also export from BCN but I think you will lose the color.

The one advantage the Orux has over BCN when it comes to my maps is that since Orux uses a Garmin image it will show dashed lines for certain trails such as Hatfield McCoy.  BCN and other Apps use gpx tracks which are only solid lines.
General Discussion / Re: Tablet vs gps
May 24, 2016, 09:21:29 AM
Hollywood, I sent you a PM with my contact info so we can discuss offline.  I can walk you through the process.

General Discussion / Re: Tablet vs gps
May 23, 2016, 08:31:07 PM
Below are the links to my maps.  These links are also on the download page for maps on this site.

Oruxmaps files and instructions

BackCountry Navigator

What SXS forum are you on.
You need to experiment.  I like Worldwide Open Cycle and USA:Imagery.  For a pure white background I use Central Europe - Hungary map.

You just have to experiment to see what you like.
General Discussion / Re: help with garmin 64st download
September 01, 2015, 06:43:26 PM
Mike are you the one who PM'd me on the RZR Forum.  If so I responded to your PM.
Are you talking about an external antenna or an external GPS receiver.  I know there are external GPS receivers that are USB.  Google it.
General Discussion / Re: Updates for the WV Map
July 08, 2015, 11:45:32 AM
Robbie, I just sent you a PM with my email address.
kc, I am the person who made the map you are referring to.  It is a transparent overlay map that you can have turned on along with a Topo map of WV that you can get on this site or from Garmin.  I and everyone I ride with usually just use my map since the Topo's seem dark.

When you installed the map it had a splash screen telling what the color code means, it was also copied onto your PC if you have a PC, does not work on Mac's.

Color code is below.

Green - Easy
Blue - Medium
Red or Black - Difficult   (Experienced riders only)
Red and Black - Most Difficult  (Very experienced riders only, winches & ropes)
Magenta - Major Paved or Hardtop Roads
Green and Red - Haul Road (Coal truck hauling road, riding is discouraged)
Green and Blue - Major trails between popular destinations (Stairs to Bud, Hilltop to HMP-16, Pizza Hut to War, Barkers Creek to Burning Rock, 9-Mile Creek By-Pass, HMIR Connector to Stairs)
Yellow and  Cyan - Boundaries of Twin Falls State Park, Camp Creek State Park, East Lynn Lake, and Kiah Creek

Color Coding of tracks is subjective and trail conditions can change due to time, weather, and logging.
Color Coding is to be used only as a general guideline, know your limitations and never ride alone.

Hatfield McCoy and Burning Rock Trails are Dashed Lines as well as Colored.
Hatfield McCoy and Burning Rock Trails are colored and numbered per trail system maps.
General Discussion / Re: android Options
June 15, 2015, 07:38:04 PM
My latest BCN and Orux maps can be found on this site.  I host my Garmin maps on here and have provided links to get the BCN and Orux maps if your read down the opening page linked to below you will see the hyperlinks to the downloads.  I think these might be newer than what Ed linked to, but them maybe not I haven't checked.
Boyd is correct, JBenson now lets you download his gpx tracks.  I do the same with all of my maps, but our maps are maps of tracks so it is easy to do if you are willing to give your tracks away.  I didn't bulldoze any of my trails/tracks, I just map them so I figure they are everybody's trails/tracks.
Also by letting people have your gpx tracks they can use them on Android devices.  People who sell maps of tracks will not give their tracks out.  But in my hobby everyone is quickly converting to Android and IOS since you can get huge tablets refurbed or new for a hundred bucks, much cheaper and better than a $500 Garmin or Lowrance.
General Discussion / Re: Maps
May 19, 2015, 09:56:50 AM
If you are not familiar with Android devices I would suggest the Garmin Oregon that Indrid referred to in your other post.
You can download a Topo map from this site as well as my maps and other maps.  Almost all maps on this site are free.  You will also need Garmin's PC software called Basecamp.  This site has some good tutorials on how to load maps onto your GPS.
Though GPS units are not difficult to use there is a learning curve.

The link to my WV and HM trails map is below.

The link to the North Cumberland, TN map is below.
General Discussion / Re: Maps
May 18, 2015, 04:57:58 PM
I make the WV ATV Trails map that includes the Hatfield McCoy trail that you can get on this site.  There is also a North Cumberland Trails map on here also.  They will work with any Garmin GPS.  The Garmin Montana is the very nice and pricey.  A lot of people just use Garmin Nuvi's that they have laying around the house.  When it comes to bouncing down the trail the bigger the screen the better.  Most people in SxS's are using Android tablets.
General Discussion / Re: Android tablets
April 24, 2015, 06:21:44 PM
Boyd and Pope, I enjoy reading you post sharing your knowledge and insight.  Just wish I understood most of it.  Keep it up.