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Site Support / Map Files won't upload, get error
June 18, 2016, 07:36:08 AM
I updated the map at the link last night and all went well, uploaded PC and Mac versions.  This morning I tried made a small change to the map and when I tried to upload them I got errors and the map files have no size and can't be downloaded.

My map linked to below no longer shows up on the "West Virginia" list of maps.  Can you re-list it.

General Discussion / Android tablets
December 02, 2014, 10:07:14 AM
I know this is a Garmin map source forum so I am not sure if it is proper to post this here, if not a moderator can delete it.
First off I do make Garmin ATV/SxS maps for Moab, Paiute, Taylor Park, and WV that are hosted on this site.  That being said I and most everyone I ride with who has a SxS have switched to Android Tablets, I still have my Montana.  You can get refurbished ones pretty cheap.  The other advantage is that you have a nice tablet to do other stuff with.  We do not activate them with a service provider, they work fine with no data service on the trail.  They are full fledged GPS units and will do anything a Garmin GPS will do.

There are two good apps, Backcountry Navigator and Oruxmaps.
BCN ($10) only accepts gpx tracks, I have converted my maps to BCN format.
Orux reads Garmin .img map files and is free.
They both cache off line maps for use on the trail.

Link to my files and instructions on using OruxMaps

Link to my files and instructions on using BCN

There are very large threads on using Tablets in a RZR on the Polaris RZR forum
Site Support / Uploading Mac Version
June 22, 2014, 07:06:47 AM
In the past I would convert my maps to Mac with an old Garmin program that gave them the .tgz extension.  I can no longer find that program but have a Garmin program that will convert to .gmapi and Ja-Wa that will convert to .gmap.  I think these are Mac compatiple but not sure since I'm not a Mac guy.  The problem is the uploader will only upload files with and extension of .tgz or .dmg.
How is everyone else doing it or what am I doing wrong?
Site Support / Java Uploader
February 16, 2014, 04:41:34 PM
I have just tried to upload a new Taylor Park Trails Map and when I first got the Java Uploader I got an error message something like "Your security setting will not allow an out of date Java to run"  I have updated my Java (I think it was already up to date) and now the Uploader App does not run.  Any ideas?  This is a Windows 8 computer with 8.1.

Attached are screenshots of the error I am getting.
Site Support / Can't update map on site
December 19, 2013, 05:03:12 PM
I have just made a revision to my Moab Trails Map 2013.  I was able to update the verbage under "Edit" that shows when you go to it to download it, however when I try and upload the new map I don't get the upload screen.  I am running Windows 8.

When I have GPS tracks that I look at on GE I notice that GE sometimes has different names for small roads than the Garmin Topo's are the Topo's on here.  Does GE get it's road data from other sources.  I'm talking about out in the Boonies.
General Discussion / Online Users Names
February 05, 2013, 01:22:17 PM
Just curious but when ever I look at the names at the bottom of users online the names appear to be just a bunch of letters and not real names.  I don't mean to insult anyone if those are real names but I cannot believe they are.
My question is: are those real names and if not what are they.

Below is what I see:
BobT, Vgqecclw, erucagkii, vqstaq0by, WaindySaidwaY, Fignipiepe, nlgcqnhv, Kgimxjwg, IrrarDed, nadvqncp, lovkoser, sjibicl, smolisalaDaph, glaramn, Odpcfqku, svadity, ilollistin, liresnoit, bogaard, Qiglpypm, apyvoi9tc, dxymkcj, Ilavlaml, blorieffide, fffzriwy, arobrellia, idxelqwd, Invorie, chkkflbl, apeteevy, inraehanla, Sdjmsxfd, soycle, Huuwwgbb, sufphn7cv, Urhdtxeq
Map Making Support / Map background color
November 15, 2012, 08:28:15 AM
When I try to print the maps I have made they always have a light cream colored background which also prints.  I am using BaseCamp to print, I have tried personal printer and large plotter with the same result.  It takes forever and uses a lot of ink.  Is there a way to get the background to be pure white and not print.  I use the free cgpsmapper and MSTK.  I have tried using both transparency options with no difference.  When I look at some of the TOPO maps on here they also seem to have this light cream background.
Map Making Support / Making a .gmap map
December 17, 2011, 07:23:34 PM
I have seen on this forum a lot of discussions regarding the new Garmin format .gmap that doesn't use the registry.  I see that some of you have made maps in this format.  I am curious on how you do that.  I use cgpsmapper, gpsmapedit, and MSTK and don't see how you would do it with these programs.
Map Making Support / Mac Installer
August 08, 2011, 07:21:45 PM
I am not near as good a map maker as most of you on hear and I have a question.  I make simple maps for ATV trails and would like to add a Mac Version in my post.  I have made one of Moab and another person made the Mac Version for me.  I have just updated my WV ATV Trail map and would like to add the Mac Version.  I used the Garmin converter and get the .gmap file folder with all of the files.  When I try to upload it I get no where.   When I browse to the folder in the upload window and click on the folder it just keeps drilling down.  I think it is looking for a file with a .tgz or something extension.  What am I doing wrong.

Below is the name of the folder that the Garmin converter made.  It has several folders and files inside it.

WV ATV Trails 2_5-12345156.gmapi