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Will the 60CSx allow me to rename several different maps in .img format and keep them on my SD card.  I have seen mention of this and tried renaming several maps, and created a folder called Maps to keep them in, but the unit doesn't seem to be reading them unless they are renamed as gmapsupp.img?  Is there a trick I am missing?

Also, how can I read what's on the SD card on the GPSr itself?

I was thinking of loading all the maps in the Northeast, coupled with the Garmin 100K corresponding maps as separate state maps.  However, I could just as easily load the entire region as one.  Will the 60CSx work at the same speed if reading a state map versus a multi-state region? 

Using The Maps/Garmin Software / Hiking trails on the New York Topo
« on: May 27, 2010, 06:05:15 PM »
Hello, first time post and pretty much a noob with my first gps. 

The NY Topo doesn't show any hiking trails, aside from being exemplary in its detail.  I downloaded the trails overlay map, and am under the impression that MapSource ( I have a 60csx) won't allow me to overlay the trails on to the topo map? 

Are the trails on the NY map, and I just can't see them?  (zoomed in all the way)

Or how can I overlay them myself? 


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