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Thank you I will give it a try.
Is there a way to view a section of a track or save it after it is downloaded into basecamp? I use my 450 while bike riding and sometimes I would like to know my speed and time on certain sections so I can compare it to my previous times. I've tried to select different points on the track while viewing the map but I can't seem to select a section between 2 points and find out how long it took to travel between the 2 points.  Is this possible?  Thanks
I'm pretty sure that is the whole map.  It looks exactly like what I have.  Zoom in on it and it should all be there.
General Discussion / Restoring Data
May 15, 2016, 09:11:46 AM
I'm trying to move data from my desktop to a laptop using Basecamp.  So I  saved the backup file to an SD card but when I try to restore the data to the laptop it says its loading the information but nothing shows up.  Any ideas?  Thanks
When I create a route in MapSource and then transfer to my Oregon 450 every point I used to create the route shows on the 450 as a little blue push pin or balloon.  Is there a way to not have them displayed on the GPS?  Thanks
Ok I got it figured out tonite my 450 somewhere along the way had gotten changed to automobile driving under the "Routing Menu" and for the "move to location" option to show the gps has to be set for "direct routing".  Thanks for the help.
I have tried that but I only get the "Go" option like I am trying to travel there rather than be there.  I just don't see a "set location" or what ever they called it anymore maybe I am wrong about it being on the 450.  Thanks for the suggestion.
 I know on my Garmin Nuvi I can go into demo mode and use the gps like I am at a different location and see how long trips are to various locations from any given point and I could have sworn at one time I could do the same on the 450.  I can get to the demo mode but If I choose a location I don't see a way to "set location" at that point.  Is this not possible, was it ever?  Thanks
Is there a way to disable to the little "pop up balloons" that appear as you move the cursor around the map.  Maybe I just don't understand but when I am trying to make a route sometimes I can't even see the road or trail I would like to follow because of those information balloons.  Also when you are trying to create a route is there a way to make the program follow a specific road or trail without having to manually make so many points on a trail with a lot of turns?  Thanks
GPSr Units / Re: Garmin 450 Tracback Question
October 02, 2010, 03:12:40 PM
Since I started this topic I haven't yet figured out a good way to do the back track.  On my Magellan Meridian you could walk, drive or what ever and when you wanted to return you didn't have to create a route or anything just hit a few buttons and select "activate bactrack" and it would create a road and put a target right in the middle of the screen and arrows would point back to the middle if you were going off course as well as give you the distance to the next turn whether it is feet or miles it worked great.  I guess I just figured all GPS's worked that way.  I'll keep trying to figure it out.
GPSr Units / Garmin 450 Tracback Question
August 14, 2010, 04:06:12 PM
I'll have to admit that I don't understand the Garmin tracback feature.  On my old Magellan Color when you activated the backtrack the GPS would actually give you a target and arrows indicating if you were on course and it would let you know if you were going off course as well as give you the distance to your next turn.  The only thing I can find on Tracback on the Garmin is trying to keep the pointer on the track line which in my mind is very difficult.  I hope I am missing something because I like the 450 but if I am using it right, my old magellan is a hundred times better on trackback. Thanks for any info you can give.