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Map Making Support / Re: No data map available
April 08, 2021, 05:07:05 AM
Hi matias,

I'm sorry but procedure for creating a mapset from gmapsupp with GMapTool doesn't preserve address search.
Thanks for your kind words!

I think maps of US are quite difficult to create from OSM. I suggest to make protected areas semi-transparent, because they might cover other details. See for example islands near Los Angeles.
Green on Mount Adams is a bit confusing. It looks like a forest to me, but actually it is some reserved or protected area?
Map Making Support / Re: Garmin .img maps
November 05, 2020, 04:38:54 AM
I suggest to switch to mkgmap too. Old CGPSmapper makes too much problems with new Garmin's models. For example:
- GPSMAP 66: when other map covers the same area (in my case Europe Recreational) it is impossible to force search on map compiled with cGPSmapper. Disabling other map doesn't help, one have to remove it from GPS.
- GPSMAP 66, Edge: Bicycle routing uses highways, even if there is explicit attribute to disable bicycle on these roads.
- MapSource: sometimes when calculating hiking route, it can't cross tile's boundary by a path or track and makes a large detour by other roads.

The same map compiled by mkgmap works correctly.

There are other advantages of mkgmap:
- Compilation is much faster and resulting img are smaller.
- Mkgmap process source data and deals with many common problems like distance between nodes too short, road crosses itsef, number of nodes too big.
- Mkgmap does optimization like merging lines or removing objects too small.
- One can control creation of overview map by extending selected objects in source mp to higher layers.
- Compilation creates all data for a mapset, including tdb, index, preview map and typ file in one go.
- Result of compilation can be a standard mapset, new gmap type mapset or gmasupp.img for device.
- Mkgmap can add DEM layer basing on SRTM files in hgt format.
- Index file can be much bigger than for cGPSmapper.
- Mkgmap can create Unicode maps (but Garmin disabled free Unicode maps in many new devices).
- Mkgmap can convert code pages, for example you can use source in Unicode to create a map in CP1252.

There are very few disadvantages. The one I can recall is missing support for road signs ([SIGN] object in mp source).

You can run direct compilation with a command like this:
java -jar mkgmap.jar *.mp

but better to add some options for optimizing compilation. These can be put in a text file and used like this:
java -jar mkgmap.jar -c options.txt *.mp

All options are explained in mkgmap documentation.

General Discussion / Re: US OSM Topo Routable Problem
August 26, 2020, 09:55:32 AM
Hi Bob,

you need to download 5 files to get whole USA. They are named:
USA_OSM_Topo_v32.7z.001 ... USA_OSM_Topo_v32.7z.005

When you get all 5 in the same folder, then execute 7-zip to extract.

I have never seen US Topo with 4500 tiles. IMO Mapsource or Basecamp could have problems with too many tiles in a mapset. Ore maybe tools we use to create mapsets have problems?

If you think big downloads are no problem, I can try to add some big maps with next release. We will see.
I think the only limit for a big map is maximum of about 2048 tiles in a single mapset. Assuming size of a big tile is 10-20MB, then the maximum size of a map could be in range of 30-40GB.

I usually create maps of whole continent like Europe, Africa, South America. I have a topo map of US + Canada. It is about 12GB. Europe is 14GB.  MapInstall can cope with transfer of big maps to GPS. It creates multiple files for a single map, each file up to 4GB size.

Would anyone be interested in downloading  US Topo, which is about 8GB? I doubt, and this is the reason, that I split map of US into 8 parts with manageable sizes.
Making maps for Garmin from OSM data is relatively easy. There are many, see:
Map Making Support / Re: Having Issues with Compiling
August 23, 2019, 06:32:52 AM
You can run multiple compilations simultaneously, but cgpsmapper is a bit tricky. You need to set separate temporary directory for each instance and set different affinity for each instance. I usually run 8 instances on my i7. It takes about 40 minutes to compile about 3.8GB.

Mkgmap uses multithreading by default.
Shields are only added to lines, not to POI.
MapTK include some functions for converting mp to GPX.
General Discussion / Re: Any recommendations?
March 14, 2019, 01:51:27 PM
Looks good. Nice to know, that hardware is up to the task, even if there is no reason to use satellite view on a highway.
General Discussion / Re: Any recommendations?
March 13, 2019, 07:53:27 AM
One of the problems with topo maps on nuvi is that nuvi can't cope with scrolling when driving a bit faster. Maybe newer models are more powerful. I wonder, how fast can you drive with a raster map?

General Discussion / Re: Any recommendations?
March 12, 2019, 07:08:27 AM
Somehow I doubt DriveTrack can display topo maps properly. At least I haven't found any screen shot, which shows more than contour lines on a green background. Probably support for topo is the same as in DriveSmart.

Map Making Support / Re: GpsMapEdit - Out of memory?
January 17, 2019, 04:00:29 AM
Editbin is a part of Microsoft developer tools, probably comes with Visual C++ or similar packets.

I'm quite sure, that if file is too big for GPSMapEdit, then it will be too big for cgpsmapper too. You should rather edit separate files and create an mapset with multiple img. Or maybe you could simplify files before merging. Please reconsider what are you going to do, because it doesn't look like GPSMapEdit is the limiting stage.