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Map Making Support / Re: Simplifying World Map
January 25, 2017, 10:10:10 AM
This is a cool project...
Site Support / Re: download stall
December 23, 2016, 01:27:49 PM
I just downloaded it. 352mb in <1 minute.  Are you getting it from or I did the test in Chrome since I don't have Safari (PC).
Map Making Support / Re: cgpsmapper and Windows 10
December 20, 2016, 08:07:28 PM
Quote from: Seldom on December 14, 2016, 12:50:55 PM
Hello again, guys. 

I own a copy of cgpsmapper Personal (that I used to make BigDesertSouthwest), and am trying to transfer the license to a new PC.  Alas, the Hardware finger prints don't match, so it won't work, even if the Registration Key is accepted.

Is there any way to get this transferred, and/or what are today's substitutes for a routable cgpsmapper?  Do I need to redo all my batch files for mkgmap?

I just contacted them at and he was able to provide me a new key. Still very receptive.
These are free. Try these first and then if you want "better" buy those.  The largest difference is the Garmin ones will auto-route (turn by turn directions) while 99% of these won't.
Map Making Support / Re: cgpsmapper and Windows 10
September 22, 2016, 08:37:20 PM
This is cgpsmapper personal. I'm not sure it works without a key though.

Here is the free version:
Site Support / Re: Map Files won't upload, get error
August 18, 2016, 08:30:21 PM
This glitch has been fixed!
Site Support / Re: Map Files won't upload, get error
August 17, 2016, 07:59:14 PM
This issue seems to be occuring more often now. If you run into it while uploaded please tell me version of operating system and OS plus any virus scan you are running.
Very odd but glad it worked out. The file size error normally means the file isn't there or is corrupted.
General Discussion / Re: wrong rd name
June 09, 2016, 07:24:35 PM
What GPS? What map? The data is on the GPS not the satellite.
can you take a picture with the snipping tool and attach it?

Seeing that error would tell me which part has an issue.
I use it in Windows 10 currently. Does the BAT file have the correct locations for FW Tools?
I opened it in winrar on Windows (no mac). I'll convert it to a .zip and am uploading a new version for you now. I'll edit this post once its uploaded.

EDIT: The new .zip file is up; try it.
Yes. If it doesn't work install My Trails and you'll be good to go.
The workflow is some "extra". I would recommend reading it but then just keep them in QGIS and change the properties there.  Once the properties are changed you can set colors and all that look way way better than Garmin. Additionally, the "print" function actually allows you to build book pages.

So, short of it, read the tutorials to see how QGIS works but don't do the actual "extract" for Garmin. Just use the same concept but set the properties (double click the layer on the layers tab).
I really hate that I can't duplicate this. Even on a fresh install of Windows 10 I've gotten the registry way to work. My issue with the "universal method" is that it locks the data into C:\ which is stupid with SSDs.