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GPSr Units / Re: Refresh speed ....
March 18, 2012, 03:22:01 PM
I took everything out except one quadrant and it didn't help the redraw speed. At least not a lot.  C.
GPSr Units / Refresh speed ....
March 18, 2012, 08:37:50 AM
My Venture HC is a bit slow to refresh. If I load only a small area of the NY topo I'm using will it refresh faster? Thanks, C.
I got it!!!!!!  On Map Install, the "continue" at the bottom right of the page was covered over with the bottom tool bar (Mac).  I hit the green expand dot (like minimize on a PC) and there it was in all its glory. I was able to load more than I needed.  Thanks and I'll be sending a donation, C.
I appreciate all the help but I'm getting nowhere.  I have a Mac and have tried to download Mapinstall followed by the NY topo. I have loaded Basecamp and it has imported NY topo. I have my gps connected. I loaded Mapinstall. I get a full screen picture of North America and a prompt that I will be guided through the map installation process but nothing happens.  Could you just give me the proper order of events.  Thanks, C.
OK, so I've done some more research and I now know the Venture has limited storage space (glad it was a gift to me). It looks like I will be choosing what topo section I want (haven't looked at the software yet) and watching closely how much memory I use.
Still have the other question: Will I be getting rid of what is in the Venture now? Does it use what is in there now and the topo is placed on top of it?  Put another way, does the 24M max count what is in there now?  Thanks again, C.
So if I want contours, do I dump the road map that's in there and replace it with contours or do I just add contours to what's in there now?  Thanks, C.
Newbie here. Did some searching but need to know.. Is it correct that my Venture HC with no SD card does not have the capacity to load NY Topo. The manual says 24M max... I think. I saw the NY topo was 131M. So am I getting this right?  Thanks for your patience, C.