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You are going to have to check the NatGeo site for customer service on their software.
You are running the installer for BaseCamp. After it is installed, you run BaseCamp from your Start menu, not the desktop. Look in the Garmin folder under your Start menu.
The 60csx doesn't read waypoints off a memory card, just your maps (and POIs) Use mapsource to send waypoints to the gps internal memory. :-\
no, those are not going to help you. in Arc, you need to Edit the polygon so that the inside edge becomes a part of the outside edge. This is done with the cut polygons tool in the editor.
Quote from: RCinSTP on November 29, 2015, 10:12:08 AM
If you merge 2 polygons in ArcMap, one polygon represents lakes, the other polygon represents forest. You can add that single merged polygon in GPSMapEdit as a Lake or a Forest with all the same color.

Not when you select the attribute to define the type. See my post above or better yet, read and understand the following tutorial:
It doesn't look like GPSMapEdit can display polygon islands properly so I would just fix the geometry of the polygon so that the island resides outside the polygon
You can combine shapefiles with a merge function. But you can only merge like types of geometries: points, polylines or polygons. So if all seven layers are points, they may be merged, but if your map contains all three types you will need three shapefiles. Now you would want to add an attribute first to designate the MP_TYPE of each record before merging so you will be able to assign each to the correct element in GPSMapEdit.
This is pretty much a Garmin map site so you should pretty much expect to see a weighted output responce.
This would depend on if your map containers vector, raster or a combination of both types of data. If only vector, then you can use shapefile formal with GPSMapEdit.
General Discussion / Re: Easy GPS
November 22, 2015, 12:37:44 PM
I never used that software but their used forum is here:
You should try the 24k topos from this site fir you area, I bet you find them quite a bit better than that outdated 100k map from your Colorado
Yes. Your method is questionable. Why are you converting an .img to an .mp to an .img? You already have the .img file and can just copy it to your Montana and install it with MapSetToolkit.
You can do screen Captures of your Oregon by turning on screen capture; Main Menu, Display, Screen Capture->On.

Then go to you recorded track and do a screen capture.

To grab your photos you can use BaseCamp, and also copy the files from the garmin/scn folder to your harddrive. BaseCamp is also an option for displaying and doing screen shots.
General Discussion / Re: are they really free
August 06, 2015, 01:39:17 PM
Quote from: -Oz- on August 02, 2015, 02:52:43 PM
Is there a specific map you are referring to?
Some of the onXmaps take you to amazon marketplace such as the one Boyd linked, those are not flagged as free.