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I must have been promoted, I was just a " Sr. Member" until recently ::)
it was a typo, and should have read "map tile" (sorry but I'm typing with a broken finger). The Calif TOPO is one of the oldest mapset here if not the oldest and I think it's missing more than trails.
FWIW: That map isn't very Mac friendly. You won't be able to click on a map tile and get what you want, you have to marquee a selection to get the contour data.
General Discussion / Re: Thank you!!!
May 07, 2009, 07:30:42 AM
The new units have faster processors, so yes they are faster. Also note that 24K maps have larger data files so they will be slower than 100K maps on the same GPS unit.
General Discussion / Re: Thank you!!!
May 06, 2009, 08:48:27 PM
Well the USB will be faster than the RS-232 serial interface. Those with memory cards can speed up the load time by using a high-speed card reader/writer.
Good point, you should only need the TOPO map for each state. The procedure is the same in any case.
I think Rex was going to write up a tutorial on installing the maps so the software will use it but he's been busy...

Here's what you need to do:
1. download the map in it's .tgz format
2. double click the file to unarchive it to a .gmapi format
3. double click the .gmapi file to open MapManager and press the [Install] button
4. once the mapset is installed (it will alert you to this), press the [Quit] button. The mapset is now installed.
5 Start up the tutorial on loading your maps to your GPS.
General Discussion / Re: Thank you!!!
May 06, 2009, 08:38:38 AM
What area/maps are you using?
Map Making Support / Re: Noob with Dem2Topo Question
April 27, 2009, 02:00:10 PM
I checked this data source and there are voids where some of the dem files meet, that's why Dem2Topo and other software is returning results like this. (see attached graphic).
General Discussion / Re: Thanks for the Afghan maps.
April 14, 2009, 09:28:54 PM
What these guys have to deal with:

Jingle truck stopped at the AF/PK border.

Dogs have sniffed out some contraband.

The search revealed a cache of explosives and detonators.

As you can see by the date in the photos, this is pretty recent.
Map Making Support / Re: GNIS type selection
November 12, 2008, 08:14:01 PM
Quote from: -Oz- on November 12, 2008, 06:37:39 PM
I picked and chose off the cgpsmapper's types; which I have conviently posted for you:

I just started getting into custom types; worked really well for Wyoming.
This is pretty much what I've been doing. Here's a list of points and the type selected from a current project:


0x6500 abandoned watercourse
0x1E00 administrative division 1
0x1F00 administrative division 2
0x1F00 administrative division 3
0x1F00 administrative division 4
0x1E00 ADMD
0x2A12 agricultural colony
0x2F11 agricultural facility
0x5905 airfield
0x5900 airfield abandoned
0x5901 airport international
0x6415 ancient site
0x6505 aqueduct
0x6602 area
0x6618 area cultivated
0x6602 area tribal
0x6418 astronomical station **custom
0x6402 barracks
0x6503 bay
0x6604 beach
0x6604 beaches
0x3006 border post
0x6401 bridge
0x2D02 brewery
0x6402 building
0x2F11 business center
0x4800 camp
0x4800 camp abandoned
0x640C camp mining
0x4800 camp refugee
0x6505 canal
0x6505 canal abandoned
0x6505 canal drainage
0x6505 canal intermittent
0x6505 canal irrigation
0x6505 canal (section)
0x6413 canal (underground irrigation)
0x660c canyon
0x6412 caravan route
0x6413 cave
0x6403 cemetery
0x6607 cliff
0x4B00 clinic
0x6410 college
0x6102 corral **custom
0x5500 dam
0x6603 depression
0x6600 desert
0x6505 ditch
0x6505 ditch irrigation
0x6613 divide
0x6501 dry stream bed
0x6600 dune
0x6607 escarpment
0x2900 experiment station
0x2F11 facility
0x6402 factory
0x6102 farm **custom
0x6102 farm abandoned **custom
0x6406 ferry
0x6600 field
0x6618 forest reserve
0x3007 forest station
0x640B fort
0x660B gap
0x660A garden
0x640D gasfield
0x650A glacier
0x660C gorge
0x3007 government office
0x6403 grave
0x6602 grazing area
0x2F0C halting place
0x6408 health
0x5904 heliport
0x6614 hill
0x6611 hills
0x6408 hospital
0x2B01 hotel
0x6509 hotspring
0x6100 house
0x6101 hut **custom
0x6101 huts **custom
0x2800 independent political entity
0x6602 industrial area
0x2F14 international organizations
0x6500 irrigation system
0x650C island
0x6614 knoll
0x650D lake
0x650D lake oxbow
0x6513 lake intermittent
0x6513 lake intermittent saltlake
0x6603 lakebed
0x650D lakes
0x6513 lakes intermittent
0x4700 landing
0x6409 levee
0x640A locality
0x1C00 lock
0x6500 lost river
0x2E00 market
0x6513 marsh
0x6513 marsh salt
0x6609 mesa
0x640B military base
0x640B military installation
0x2900 mill
0x640C mine (iron)
0x640C mine (coal)
0x640C mine abandoned
0x2C04 monument
0x6404 mosque
0x6601 mound
0x6616 mountain
0x6611 mountains
0x6618 orchard
0x640C ore treatment plant
0x6103 palace **custom
0x4900 park
0x660B pass
0x3001 patrol post
0x6616 peak
0x6610 plain
0x6609 plateau
0x2800 point
0x3001 police station
0x650D pond
0x6513 pond intermittent
0x650D ponds
0x640A populated locality
0x0D00 populated place
0x0D00 populated places
0x6415 populated place abandoned
0x6415 populated place destroyed
0x6416 populated place section
0x2F15 power station
0x6613 promontory
0x2F08 railroad
0x2F08 railroad station
0x2F08 railroad station abandoned
0x2F08 railroad stop
0x6413 railroad tunnel
0x6102 ranch (custom)
0x660C ravine
0x1E00 region
0x6612 reservation
0x6612 reserve
0x650F reservoir
0x6100 resthouse
0x6613 ridge
0x2F08 road
0x6413 road tunnel
0x6614 rocks
0x6415 ruins (ruin)
0x6600 sabkha
0x660B saddle
0x6600 salt area
0x6513 salt lake
0x6513 salt lakes
0x3002 sanatorium
0x6600 sand
0x6600 sand area
0x2C05 school
0x6600 scrubland
0x2800 seat of first order administrative division
0x0E00 settlement
0x1100 settlement abandoned
0x6102 sheepfold
0x2C0B shrine
0x6615 slope
0x6506 sluice
0x6511 spring
0x6607 spur
0x2C08 stadium
0x6600 stony desert
0x6100 storehouse
0x6512 stream
0x6512 stream anabranch
0x6505 stream canal
0x6512 stream distributary
0x6512 stream (headwaters)
0x6501 stream intermittent
0x6501 stream intermittent (section)
0x6512 stream (mouth)
0x6512 stream (section)
0x6513 swamp
0x2800 square
0x6403 tomb
0x6411 tower
0x6412 trail
0x6417 triangulation station **custom
0x6617 trough
0x6600 upland
0x6617 valley
0x6617 wadi
0x6617 wadi mouth
0x6500 watercourse
0x6500 water pumping station
0x6500 watermill
0x6514 watertank **custom
0x5500 weir
0x6414 well
0x6414 well abandoned
0x6414 wells
0x6513 wetlands
0x6612 wildlife reserve
0x6500 windmill
Map Making Support / GNIS type selection
November 12, 2008, 03:36:21 PM
Is there a list around for selecting type for POIs? I have several shapefiles where I'm having to select less than optimal types.

Maybe a custom type would be better. Thoughts?