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General Discussion / Trouble with seeing Wyoming Topo on Etrex 20
« on: July 26, 2013, 11:51:58 PM »
Hello All,

Planning a trip to Wyoming this Fall and ran into a snag.  Let me preface by noting that I already have this map set and have previously (and successfully) loaded on a 60 CSX.

One great thing about this new Etrex is that you can load as many .IMG files instead of just one.   I had already used Mapsource to send a Western Land Ownership transparency to the Etrex's SD card.  Called it "WLO.img"....it worked great.  Then I cut, sent the Wyoming Topo mapset to the card...renamed it to "WYOtopo.img".   

This time I go into the map setup menu and notice that the new map doesn't show up for enabling.  Strange.    It appears as a 169mb file if viewed from the computer, but the Etrex does not see it. 

Just to check myself, I also have a copy of Garmin's 100k topo, so I cut that and send it to the Etrex, rename to "WyTopo.img"....it works. 

I'd rather have the nicer GPSfile depot map for the trip, but it will not show on the Etrex.  Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks.

General Discussion / My Trails.....missing POI's question
« on: August 18, 2012, 06:57:39 PM »
I noticed something funny about this transparent overlay map. (I use it in conjunction with the SE Topo and Garmin 100k topo maps).  Trails look nice, but I noticed something odd.  I noticed this when looking at the Appalacian Trail.

When I have this trail file opened in Mapsource, all that is visible is the trails (red lines and trail label tags), that is until you zoom in.  Then you can see a whole bunch of POI's along the trail.  Auhor used water spigot icons for water, bathroom signs and tent icons for campsites.  These show up in Mapsource, but they do not show up on my 60csx.   I've zoomed in and out on the GPS screen and cannot see these waypoints.

Either I made a mistake when I transferred the My Trails maps or my GPS can't "see" them I'm thinking.  These waypoints would really be nice to have if I ever get to do a section of the AT.   Any ideas on how to make these appear on the GPS?  Thanks.

General Discussion / Question for you map makers....historical POIs
« on: March 03, 2012, 03:09:06 PM »
In various GPS topo softwares I have used (Magellan, Delorme, Filedepot maps) I have seen historical POI data. 

I wondered if you guys might know the original source of this data.  (ironic...history of history data....)  :)  I assume that different map makers like you guys and companies like Magellan all draw from the same original pool, seeing how I find the same points, in different map files.   I'm assuming USGS, but don't know this for fact.

Site Support / Applause or Smiting....Purpose
« on: January 09, 2012, 01:53:48 AM »
Something I don't recall earlier, but I notice that members have a "applause" or "smite" option with thier posts now.

Just curious.....what is the purpose of this?  I assume the postive vote will make a member feel loved and appreciated (or at least get them a better placement in the next life).   :)

Will enough "smites" get you banned, or just erode your self asteem (or just turn you into a toad in the next physical incarnation)?  :)


I've mainly used MS and have been goofing around with BC lately.  I was creating some preplanned routes using the My Trails (transparent) mapset.  One thing that bugs me is that I can cut and display multiple layers from different mapsets and send to a GPS and see them on that GPS, but I cannot "see" this layering while on either MS or BC. 

I have used Delorme's topo software in the past.....that is one thing I did like about their software....if I had a color aerial section and stock trail info, these can be seen together in a 'hybrid" mode.

It would be cool if MS or BC could do this too.  For instance, have MyTrails layered over a topo map, so that they could both be seen on the PC screen at the same time.

Maybe this  already can be done and I've just missed the steps?  If so, can someone share how it might be done?  Thanks.

General Discussion / Missing link to older Mapsource version
« on: October 23, 2011, 05:04:22 PM »
Got  a new computer...Successfully downloaded Basecamp and installed it.
Problem came when I downloaded the version of Mapsource from the link in the tutorial on how to install maps if your GPS didn't come with Mapsource..  Tried to run the downloaded version (6.16.3).   During the install, got a warning that "no previous version of mapsource could be found".   Install aborted. 

I seem to recall a link here that would allow you to download an older version of MS to avoid this problem.   Can't find it.  Memory tells me it was a 2.XX version.  I can't find a copy of the .exe for that old version on my old computer.

Also, I have never used Basecamp....do I even need Mapsource now?  I have a really old Garmin Legend.....can BC be used with it? Thanks.

Using The Maps/Garmin Software / Mapsource to Basecamp info
« on: April 15, 2011, 01:40:51 PM »
When I first came here to try the maps your tutorial recommened using a certain version of Mapsource (link was available here).   

What I'd like to know is are the maps here for use in BasecamP also now?  Also, will I have to reload downloaded maps that are already on my version of Mapsource to the new Basemap program?  Thanks.

General Discussion / Shape Files for Alabama WMA's
« on: March 09, 2011, 03:09:31 AM »
I'd heard that some states have thier Wildlife Management Area boundaries available for folks to
download.  My state doesn't...so I called to see if it will be available one day.   Discovered that they are working on it.  The lady even offered to email me shape files of all the WMA's in the state.  I only requested the four that I've actually been to.

The files are a "gdb" format.   I'm not a map builder, but I would like to  turn thes shape files she sent and turn them into a transparent map overlay for my Garmin handheld.  How much trouble would it be to go from a GDB file on my Desktop to a transparent map?   Thanks.

General Discussion / A new type map idea...transparent "crime area" overlay
« on: February 27, 2011, 03:20:22 PM »
A few times, while travelling, my Nuvi has routed me through parts of cities I did not want to be in.  The Nuvi does not know where the most carjackings/drug dealing/murder, etc goes on.  It just routes you according to it's road data.   In some cities there are places the cops hate to go.

Got to wondering if there would be some way to take government crime statistics and convert that info into a shaded overlay map.  Make it a color.  Red maybe.  Highest crime areas would have more intense color...lighter crime areas the reverse. 

Just an idea.  Wonder how this could be done?

Using The Maps/Garmin Software / Some gmapsupp questions...CN and Topos
« on: February 16, 2011, 03:09:19 AM »
Just bought a used 60csx online.  Lil' booger came with a SD card with CN 09 on it.  I already have one 60csx (and no CN) so I popped the card in and Presto! that card works great on both units. 

Decided that I wanted CN on both GPS units, so I decided to try something.  I copied the card and sent the contents to a fresh SD.  Guess what?....now I have CN on both handhelds.  Outstanding!

I love the topos you guys build here (that's what I've always used on my old 60csx).  Decided it'd be nice to copy the CN mapset to Mapsource so I could make one giant smorgasborg gmapsupp file to burn to my SD card.  That'd be groovy...just turn one CN or Gpsfiledepot topos when needed.   Mapsource would not allow me to copy the CN maps on the SD card.  Said something about unlock code. 

I know from using your topo maps in the past that the map files are sent to one gmapsupp file.  You can build a combo of whatever maps are in Mapsource, but when you send a new mapset, the previous one is erased.  Is there a way to  have CN and your topos on one card?

GPSr Units / New 60csx ... SD cards
« on: August 29, 2010, 07:31:21 PM »
Well, suddenly I'm the owner of two Garmin handhelds.   A used Legend for cheap three weeks ago and now a pristine 60csx, also for a good price. 

The shiny new looking 60csx only came with a protective cover. No other accessories.  There was no SD memory card installed the unit either..  The Garmin online PDF manual says that a "micro SD" is needed. Got one of those, so I'm good to go, i thought..... But when I opened the unit up the little SD slot is actually a larger mini slot, not a micro slot.  As my luck goes.....nobody in town has mini cards.....or  adaptors....anyway I'm sidetracking....

What I need to know is does the 60csx accept SD and SDHC type cards or just SD types?  These are older units, but I hope SDHC will work.

Using The Maps/Garmin Software / Old Legend...New Map Help
« on: August 14, 2010, 11:02:32 PM »
I looked in the Tutorial on sending a map to a Garmin, but didn't see reference to this warning I get in Mapsource, so I'm asking here.....

Got my first Garmin handheld.  An old Legend (8mb of memory).  Just got a new cable put together and it is able to talk to Mapsource.  I even updated the FW from 3.60 to 3.90 and have been playing with transferring WP's.  All is good except.....

There's only 8MB of internal memory, so I wanted to see what a small chunk (2.64 mb) of your detailed SETopo map would look like on the legend.  The basemap is all that is on the unit now. 

I went through the steps to transfer that section of the SETopo to the GPS, but got a warning.  Something about "You are about to erase Garmin Preprogrammed data (if you transfer)...but that you could go to Garmin (a link included) to recover this data later", etc.

Is this saying that I will erase a part (or all of the ) of the stock basemap or something?
I'd really like to see what a topo map would look like on the legend, but I don't want to damage the basemap in doing so.  Thanks.

Long story short, well, short as possible. :) ...already had a copy of SETopo map on my Garmin Nuvi's SD card. Works great (thanks, BTW)

Wanted a Wyoming Topo in there too.  Re-read the tutorial...downloaded a copy (and installer) of the Wyoming Topo map.  Successfully got the Wyo-Topo in Mapsource, cut  and sent it to the Nuvi's SD card.  Problem is that it seems to have uninstalled the older SEtopo map that was already there.

I seem to recall that you had to rename a newly loaded "gmapsupp" to keep this from happening, so I deleted the WyoTopo map, reinstalled the SEtopo.  Then I left the SEtopo file name "gmapsupp" and  dragged in the Wyotopo.  Named the Wyoptopo "gmapsupp 2".  When I go to see what the Nuvi is "seeing" in its maps setting.  The only ones it can see is CN (which is already in internal memory) and SETopo.  No Wyotop is an option.   I can "see" the other WyoTopo from the PC's USB port.

Can y'all tell me what needs to be done.  Thanks.

A question for the creator of the SETOPO  (maps4GPS)

I fished a large reservoir in northern Alabama.  During the trip I was using my Delorme PN-20 to record the WP's and tracks.

A while back I was looking at this lake on my Garmin Nuvi that is loaded with the topo you created just to eyeball the area with a different map set.  As I zoomed in on this area of Lake Guntersville (and other parts too) I noticed these strange green and black fields where water should be.  I'd never seen this before.

Note...please excuse the fuzzy pics...I don't know how to do screen captures.

Zoomed out---



The only thing, other than a bug of some kind, I could think of was that this might be a marker for milfoil fields.  The lake is choked with it, BTW. Particularly in the upper half area in the middle pic.  Has the author or any of you seen this strange background on a water feature before?  Thanks.

GPSr Units / Nuvi can't see SETopo now
« on: September 16, 2009, 10:15:30 AM »

A few montths ago I downloaded you topo map of the southeast US.   I loaded it on a SD card.  All I had to do was go in to Setting on the Nuvi and uncheck City Navigator and check SETOPO and the topo  would work like a charm.

Well, I lost that SD card.  Still had the SETopo in the PC.  I ran the installer and reloaded the new SD. The SETopo file  is now on that new SD.   Note that this SD also has "Garmin" file which is loaded with a geocache file that was already on there.  When I "look" at the SD through a reader the card has a "Garmin" file and a "SEtopo" file.

Now, I can't get the Nuvi to see your topo file.  The "Garmin" file works fine because I can still see geocaches. 

Does your topo need to be inside the Garmin file to make the Nuvi see it?  Thanks.

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