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I own some garmin maps, and have made some small, personal maps. I am in the process of making  a larger, state map, but after I create it and load it into mapsource, I want to be able to select subsections (by county) of the map to load onto my device (like I can select states with the Garmin City Navigator maps).

How do I do this?

Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere, my search was unsuccessful.
So I requested the NHD data for each sub-basin, and it appears to be hi-res data by default.

I also had the opportunity to have an e-mail conversation with one of the guys at the USGS (because my initial request for NHD data generated an error) and asked him why the pre-staged data wasn't available in the personal geodatabase format, and only in the proprietary ESRI geodatabase. He told me he'd investigate and get back to me. Here's hoping for an answer soon.
Quote from: seldom_sn on June 16, 2010, 10:18:32 AM
The old NHD site gave you options for "Hi Res" and "Local Res" data.  I downloaded a Hi Res shapefile, but I didn't see any options for other resolutions.

Was this labelled "Hi Res" somewhere, or did you just download the shapefile?
That's my understanding as well. All GIS data will soon be available only from the National Map. I've requested two sub-basins and am waiting for notification to download them.

Personally, I find the new system easier to navigate and download data compared to the old seamless server for NED and the NHD server for water data. The only thing that might be an issue is there's a 1.5G limit on data that can be downloaded, but when you put data requests in your cart there's no indication as to what size that data will be.
Does anyone know the proper procedure to ensure high-resolution water data is downloaded from the new National Map Viewer?

I can't seem to make the old NHD server work for me. But the new National Map Viewer allows one to download Hydrography data, I just don't know how this data compares to the area, flowline, and waterbody data one gets by following the map-making tutorial.

Thanks in advance.
A quick test using airports and it appears to work great. Loaded into Global Mapper and they appear to show perfectly, with the correct icon. Next test will be to export as shp or mp and see how they appear in gpsmapedit. I expect it to work great, and I will be able to import thy types I want into my map.

Thanks for the help.
I think I figured it out. It appears that the GPSFileDepot GNIS Process downloads the "State Download Files" which does not contain all of the POI's that are available for the state. In my particular instance, it only contains ~140 summits, when there are over 2000 available when searching just for summits.

So if at all possible I would like to use the USGS GNIS search page and download the results as a pipe delimited file. I can do that very easily. What I cannot figure out is how to get the data processed into a shp or mp file to compile in my map. I need a process to convert the lat/long in DMS (as a string, e.g. 471514N, 1272724W) as it comes from the USGS into decimal degrees to import into global mapper. Or a process using FWTools and PostGIS to convert to geometric points in the database that can then be converted to shapfiles (like the NHD or transportation data).

Essentially, I want to manually do what GNIS Process does automatically. Can you help me Oz?

I have been using your GNIS Process to get POI's for washington State. However, in comparing what is put into the gnis shapefile, and what is available from the USGS website, I am seeing that a large number of POI's aren't making it into the shapefile.

Is there somewhere you have documented exactly what the GNIS process does in downloading, and processing the data? I would like to try to troubleshoot and see what is happening.

Map Making Support / Re: Oceans
October 12, 2008, 08:06:22 AM
Thanks Oz, I'll check it out and see how well it works.
Map Making Support / Oceans
October 08, 2008, 03:47:26 PM
As I am working on my map of Washington, I have found that the Puget Sound is not showing up as ocean. Do you know any tricks to specify an area of the map as ocean? The NHD data only includes ground water features.
Quote from: -Oz- on October 04, 2008, 10:35:42 PM
I don't really know but they should be about the same.  I use a different system than is in the tutorial so I have to use GeoTiff.

I'd love to know your system. I just finished compiling my topo map of Washington and it looks awful. It appears that none of the POI's were installed, it doesn't show oceans (the whole puget sound is missing), the elevation contours are extremely jagged, national parks aren't colored or labeled (but national forests are), no mountain peaks are labelled (probably related to the POI's missing). I'm sure I did something wrong somewhere, or have a setting wrong in global mapper.

Back to the beginning to try again.
As I watch cgpsmapper work, I see occasionally a message saying:

"Successfully imported: 2723 not imported: 234"

What is the importance of the "not imported" bit? Are these possibly duplicates? I know that I probably have duplicate flow line data from downloading the same sub-basin in two requests. Other than that, I can't figure out why some things would not be imported.
Map Making Support / National Park Trails
October 05, 2008, 02:49:30 PM
I am having difficulty finding any trails data for national parks. I am working on building a topo of WA state, and am particularly interested in finding trails data for Olympic National Park. But I am having no luck. Any ideas anyone?
Site Support / Re: Washington Excel
October 05, 2008, 06:05:54 AM
I've downloaded all of the WA state files and they all had data when I got them.

I'm almost done with my WA topo map, and hope to posting a beta version here for folks to look at. The one thing I can't figure out yet is where to get trails for the national parks. I hike a lot in the Olympics, but can't find any trails data. A big shortcoming to my map so far.
When processing elevation data in Global Mapper, is one filetype better than the other? Is processing ArcGrid faster than GeoTiff? Does using one require less memory to process? Does one produce smaller files?

Thanks again.