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GPSr Units / Re: What to buy? Hiking GPS
« on: May 25, 2012, 08:02:16 PM »
Thanks again for all the advice  ;)

My biggest problem with my 60csx was difficulty reading maps on gpsfiledepot.  Now I loved the maps, especially when up close.  The problem was when I zoomed out a little and wanted to see major points of interest like intersections in the trail and mountain peaks.  I couldn't find anything more than a few hundred feet out when zoomed out because there were so many topo lines on the map.  I wound up using a friends maps on his cell phone, which were more basic but were easier to locate POI further away then a few hundred yards.

   I don't think shaded relief is necessary to fix this, but I'm definitely not the expert on maps.  I was hoping I could load multiple maps, allowing me to use a less cluttered map when zoomed out and the higher detailed maps here on gps filedepot when zoomed in.  That's why I was looking at higher end units that could display multiple maps, not multiple maps overlaid on one another, but separate maps that I could easily switch back and forth without waiting several minutes to load a new sd card.  Is there a way to do this?

GPSr Units / Re: What to buy? Hiking GPS
« on: May 17, 2012, 09:05:52 PM »
       First of all, thank you for the detailed, well thought out response.  It's interesting that you prefer the Montana over the Oregon so much.  Also, I didn't realize the Montana would take both rechargable lithium and standard batteris which is quite handy.
       It's funny I didn't mention it but I was looking yesterday for a price engine that could track prices on items I'm looking to buy.  You happened to mention camelcamelcamel.com and I'll definitely check that out. 

          As far as the built in clip goes, my only idea would be to possibly sew some velcro on my pack shoulder strap and secure it that way so it doesn't bounce around while hiking.

----- Only one other question I can think of for now. I mentioned how I don't like using filedepot maps zoomed out past 800ft because it's too cluttered and hard to read.  From what I've read it looks like using Garmins shaded relief maps in combination with filedepots is a workaround to that.  Is there a better way to solve this problem without spending all that money on Garmins maps?

Once again, thank you for your very helpful response!

- Tim

GPSr Units / What to buy? Hiking GPS
« on: May 16, 2012, 09:30:47 PM »
Hi everyone,
         I'm currently in the market for a new gps hiking unit as I've lost my 60csx. I was hoping some knowledgable users could steer me in the right direction with my next purchase.  Primarily, I hike alone on dayhikes in NM mountains and need reliable high sensitivity tracking/navigation. Here's what I'm looking for in order of personal priority...

- I like the shaded relief maps when zoomed out past 800ft or more, but prefer the more detailed contour lines in the gpsfiledepot maps when zoomed in close.  I guess this means I'll need a unit that either has removal media (microsd) or multiple map capable

- I prefer the convenience of replacable batteries over rechargable built in lithiums.

- I already have the delorme earthmate GPS messenger for Android devices.  However, I'm torn between returning it as I don't want to use my phone for gps (battery life/durability) along with both a gps unit and the earthmate.

- I prefer to keep the cost of the unit <$500.  This only cuts out the higher end garmin montana models, I think?

- The screen size of the 60csx is the bare minimum I would accept. I prefer something larger but it's not a deal breaker.

- I hike alone (hence the earthmate) and mostly stick to dayhikes. 

Sidenote:  It seems the 60csx was much more popular than the newer updates to the 60 line.  I didn't like how I couldn't load more than one map to the unit though.  Why is the newer models less popular?

 I just downloaded the NM Topo map installer and after running it I open up mapsource and there is no drop down menu to select the map.  I've alredy made sure to select show all products and there is a no map message under the view menu for show products. 
   If I try to use basecamp to view the map it says nmtopo was not installed correctly.  I've uninstalled/reinstalled the map with the installed several times, as well as reinstalled mapsource with no luck.  I've also tried with arizono topo installer, no luck. 

   I'm doing this on a brand new laptop....not sure what else to try.  Any ideas would be MUCH appreciated.

- Tim

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