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Thanks for th einfo but I had already talked to them. They have to order them.
I have a couple Garmin Map 62 at work that the keypads are not readable and worn badly. Anyone know where I can get a replacement pads. Watch several You Tube videos and the actual replacement is not hard to do. Just can't find the pads anywhere. Any Ideas??? THANKS
I did get it figured out. There was an update to the Garmin Express and the old version was locked up. Uploaded the new version and then the GPS was recognized and was able to replace the lost map. THANKS
I accidentally removed the original garmin nivi road map layer. How do I reinstall this map. Garmin Express will not even access the gps because of the missing map. I can't seem to find the deleted file on the computer either. Call Garmin??
I have spend a couple night trying to figure out what happened. I finally called Garmin tech support and they cleared it up after 2 calls. The first person I talked to  thought the maps themselves got messed up. I tried what she told me and no luck. I called today and talked to another person, just by chance we found an software update was issued just days ago for this very problem. It's cleaned up and working great. This update Ver 5.90?? was issued just a couple days ago for Birds Eye mapping issues, ie restarting a 2nd time. A person has to keep checking the updates....
General Discussion / Garmin Birds Eye Topo map problem
January 20, 2015, 06:41:33 PM
I have a couple Garmin Map 62 which I use for work and home use. My work GPS has the Birds Eye Topo loaded on a 8 gb card and have not had any problems. I load different map shapes into it. I recently made a copy of the 8 gb card to a 16 gb card and started having problems. The gps works fine the first time I turn it on but the second time I turn it on my Birds eye will not work. I have to remove the card and leave it off and sometimes it will work when I turn it on. If I plug it in to Basecamp and look at the files and unplug it will turn on the first time but no go the second time. I recently used Google and made an custom map overlay and saved it to the gps. It will not show up on the gps, I'm thinking a to big of file. Base camp says its there in the gps but will not come up. If I switch the 8 gb card to the 16 gb same problem. I know it takes time for the 16 gb card to redraw the layers but it will not even come up
It appears the software upgrades are current on Basecamp and GPS. Any ideas??? THANKS
General Discussion / Non Garmin mapping program
October 14, 2014, 11:27:22 AM
I have and use Garmin Basecamp/Map Source programs for a long time. Does Loworance have a mapping program like Garmin?
I seen a Loworance gps with a Navionics chip in and and was inprewwed with the Canada lake maps displayed. Was wondering if a person could print off a map using a program of some kind.
General Discussion / GArmin Birds Eye Topo map question
November 01, 2013, 06:28:36 PM
I have a Garmin Map 62 with a SD card. I have several maps loaded and saved to the GP and my computer from the Birds Eye Topo program. I'm thinking about getting a second GPS for the wife to use. I know I would have to purchase a second Birds Eye subscription if I wanted to use these maps on the second GPS.
My question is would I have to down load all these maps again (using more computer memory up ) and save to the second GPS unit or would I just get another access code from Garmin to use these maps on another unit?
If I understand the birds eye program correctly, once my subscription expires, I'm still able to use the loaded/saved maps I have on the computer, flash drive and still be able to load /change the saved maps using the computer and Basecamp program but not down load any more new maps. Is this correct?
I don't know what/how it happened. I found I had made a back up file and everything I was trying to down load was being dumped into a file and being stored on my D drive and the program was looking on my C drive for the files. This working now but still trying to figure out how to save the map info on a external hard drive. I might get a 64 gb flash drive and see how many maps I can save on it.
I'm having problems down loading and saving maps onto my computer and saving on my hard drive. Now I don't know what happened because if I download a map from your website and try an open it with Basecamp, it doesn't work. Basecamp won't recognize the map. The thing I don't understand, it worked just fine a month ago. I didn't have to load thecgpsmapper program. I would down load and it worked fine with Basecamp as soon as I opened after loading.
Any ideas???
General Discussion / Saving downloaded maps + photos
October 25, 2013, 05:08:24 AM
I have a question about saving downloaded Garmin Birdseye topo maps and photos. I have downloaded several maps and photos. I found the files on the computer and loaded them onto flash drives. Now the Basecamp program will not read them or even recognize the files. If I use the Basecamp program to drag and transfer files onto the flash drive then it seems to work OK but the computer doesn't recognize the files on the flash drive but basecamp program does.
The external hard drive is not recognized by the base camp program either. Not even as a memory devise.
My goal is to build a file to keep my maps and photo in so when my subscriptions to the birds eye runs out I still have the maps available to reload onto the gps for which the are unlocked to. What would your recommend for this type of info storage. I know enough about computers to make me dangerous and need something simple to work with. THANKS
I will read it, THANKS
I was following the instructions I found and loaded Dem2 topo but then found I had to load another program IDL Runtime and than I tried the other Global Mapper program. I can't get either to work??
I have been playing around and would like to make a downloadable map for a Garmin 62 but only want the NW corner of Wisconsin. The directions  show it doing the entire State. I'm having problems with the 2 different programs working and I can't get the 2nd tutorial step. I'm sure it's because the computer is looking for the data in all of the other parts of the State I don't want.
Is there an easier way and different program just for parts of a state?
I'm learning about making maps and have a question. I've been using Goggle Earth to upload different maps of different areas. It saves the custom maps in the custom maps  of my Garmin Map 62 S folder as a KMZ file.
Is there a way to convert this file to a IMG file so it easyier to turn on/off in the maps set up menu?
THANKS for the wonderful info available on this website.