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Many thanks.  I did indeed try Mapsource and as you suspected, it still didn't work. 
However, Basecamp seems to work fine with other downloaded maps despite the age of my device.

From what you say, there is nothing more I can do with this particular map - a shame as it is really the best for hiking that I've found.

Thanks again for your help.
I have downloaded an OSM Topo map of South America and successfully installed it so it is showing in Basecamp.  However, when I try to transfer segments onto my (aging) Etrex Vista C GPS using "Install maps", Basecamp says the device is not compatible with the map.  This has never occurred before with other OSM Topo maps I have downloaded.

I have inspected the files for the South America map and noticed that they do not seem to contain any .img files (which I understand are what I need for my GPS).  I observe that other OSM downloads I have installed have created a folder full of .img files.

Have I done something wrong?  Or is there a way to generate the missing .img files I need?