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General Discussion / Re: usgs maps
« on: July 26, 2018, 08:13:39 PM »
Thank you BOYD I am not sure if I am responding in the proper heading.What I am after is the zoom of 24k with the ease of installing.I had read somewhere that Gamins viewing Quality was poor.I know I was disappointed with gamins California and Oregon topo SD card , I had expected USGS 7.5 Quality ,not even close.As for the cell phone I was thinking two things A larger screen with clarity ,the other I was under the impression that the Garmin 64 was unable to run USGS topo which I like.I am retired but like to explore the wood and desert and am new to today's technology.
So what you are saying is that if I buy the Birdseye that I can get USGS topo with 24k zoom,is that correct and thank you to the members for there help.

General Discussion / usgs maps
« on: July 26, 2018, 07:13:20 AM »
new to forum .
question,can you download USGS topo maps to a cell phone and use a Gamin 64 GPS in live track out in the woods.I want the detailed maps of 7.5 min. that USGS topo has. I bought the
California and Nevada years ago.
What I am reading is that the Gamin gps does not have the ability to zoom in for detail
could one get around this by sending your location to a cell phone running a map program
with good detail.
I am not tech savvy.
Thank You

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