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Boyd, i was up until 3am messing with it so i think thats where the Beta version came in. Finally got one of the old ones to load and work. Had to use Basecamp 452 from the list. Finally am getting maps loaded on my 30x. the reason it takes so long for me is I am at the end of the data stream so its basically one step above dial up. Tried 462. My system didnt like it for some reason. Thanks for all the help! bookmarked this page and downloaded some of the list and put it on a portable HDD and a stick. Not going through this again  :)

Thanks for sharing. got my unit yesterday and have been basically cursing up a storm and bashing my head against the wall trying to find out why i could not load maps at all for about 3 hours! then low and behold i luckily found the forums!
Thanks So much. Hoping by downloading this i can now load my maps so i can get out and learn my etrex before my big trek.

Edit. Downloaded the Beta 4.2.04 and still cant load any maps from this site.

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