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what is the format of the map?
I created an .mp file which has shown routes on GPSMapedit, then I convert it into .img file using the same program, however, when I run it inside the Mapsource, I cant do routing. Is there any specific format for .typ file so that the .img file coupled with it is able to route?
thank you, i managed to solve it. i think the problem lies in the EndLevel & Levels, once i set them up it's appearing
I followed the tutorial on converting .img file without .tdb to the one that can be seen in Mapsource from this website.

In the end, there is "Convert successfully". However, when I open MapSource, it doesn't give me the mapset on the left corner. I used the newest & free version of both of them. Does any of you know how to solve this kind of problem? :'(