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I haven't had much difficulty loading maps - at least in the past I have not.  However, today I keep getting a message to the effect that "no unlocked maps were found" after I attempted to load two maps onto my Etrex 30 (fairly new model; little over a year old).  Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong?  I utilized Map Install and Base Camp, to no avail.

I suspect it is something obvious I am doing wrong, but I can't identify what that might be.  Would appreciate any feedback/help anyone can offer.  Thanks.
I am having a serious problem loading topo maps from my computer onto my GPS.  I have been at it for at least 2 hours - probably more - and in that time have loaded two topo maps onto my GPS (had three ready to load).  The rest of the attempts elicited a response of "This device already has your latest maps fully installed" even though I have one topo that is yet to be loaded (also gave that message on my first attempt). I am thinking this may be a computer problem and not a "transfer" problem.  I never had a problem of this nature with a previous computer.  Any ideas? Thanks much.
General Discussion / Re: Locked Files (Maps)
January 26, 2016, 01:16:23 PM
I wish I could.  To my knowledge, I didn't do anything differently.  Basecamp opened up fully, I followed the procedure and loaded three maps (+My Trails) handily.  However, I am trying to load more three more maps now, without success.  I get the message "All maps available are already installed" or similar wording.  Yes, I did run the installer.  I am a little stumped; I had virtually no problems with my older Etrec 30, and using an earlier version of Basecamp.
General Discussion / Re: Locked Files (Maps)
January 25, 2016, 08:10:21 AM
I got my maps transferred to my GPS, using Basecamp.   So, I am a happy camper now.
General Discussion / Re: Locked Files (Maps)
January 23, 2016, 03:09:39 PM
I am still getting the message of "no unlocked files" when trying to load a topo onto my Garmin.    I deleted all the previous topo/trail downloads (obtained via another computer, so of no use with my new computer),  then downloaded a new topo, which I attempted to load onto my GPS, to no avail; I got the message of no unlocked files.  I am stumped!  Any suggestions are welcomed.  Thanks.
General Discussion / Re: Locked Files (Maps)
December 24, 2015, 11:15:18 AM
I saved my maps on an external drive, and accessed them from there. Obviously, that didn't work.  I will give GMTK a whirl and see if that works.

Thanks much for the advice.  I appreciate it!
General Discussion / Locked Files (Maps)
December 23, 2015, 10:59:33 AM
I haven't been able to upload maps from my (new) computer, with Windows 10, onto my (Etrex 30) GPS.  I get the dreaded message "no unlocked files were found for this device" when I plug my GPS into the computer.   If it matters; I'm not sure it does, I had no problem with my old computer (Windows 8) in transferring files onto my GPS.  Any guidance/ suggestions you may have to address this problem will be appreciated.  Thanks much!