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Thank you all for your helpful advice.  Boyd, regarding Global Mapper, it is a great mapping program, very nice, very useful, too bad it is way too expensive, maybe that's why there are so many "hacked/free" version available on Torrent websites.  If it wasn't soo expensive, people wouldn't make hacked fully working versions of Global Mapper available. Some of them are a couple of versions old, not the most recent version but they have everything you need to make great maps.

When I make a map for Garmin GPS, do I need to begin with data that has a Coordinate System of WGS84?

I attached a screen shot from BaseCamp, the colors are fairly saturated, especially the blue and the red border line.  I will re-make the map using different color in the .typ file.  I will try a brighter yellow. 
I should mention, I have two maps on my GPS and both of these maps have the same yellow land and blue water colors in BaseCamp, the colors do not change for one of the maps on the GPS.  The colors only change for the map that I just created.

So, it seems like the colors should be ok because they only change on one of the two maps.

I have a basic map which looks good in BaseCamp.  The land is yellow #FFFF8B and the lakes/water color is  #0030FF.  According to TypViewer, both of those colors are "Garmin" colors.  When I open the map on a Garmin Montana 600, the land is green and the water is purple.  Any advice on how to fix this is greatly appreciated.

Is there a limit on the number of polygons that can be imported into GPSMapEdit?   I am tempted to switch to Mapwel but the version that exports to Garmin .img format costs $90 and I don't use it enough to justify that price.

Thanks, I knew the .typ file controlled style but I didn't realize it could control draw order. That way, I can just import all the shapefiles and specify the draw order in the .typ file.

What I  am trying to do is import many shapefiles into GPSMapEdit and make a map.  The problem is that all the shapefiles must be added in the correct order from bottom to top.  As far as I can tell there is no way to re-order the shapefiles/layers or delete specific shapefiles/layer.

When I import shapefiles into GPSMapEdit I need to make a plan in advance and add the bottom layer first, then the next layer and I import the shapefile that I want as the top layer last.  However, if I make a mistake, I need to delete the GPSMapEdit file and start over.

I would like to add layers and then be able to change the order of the layers, move them up or down and delete specific layers.  I there another software program that can do this which works with Polish Format .mp files?

Is it possible to select a specific layer in GPSMapEdit? Is it possible to delete a layer?

I have a .img file which I would like to distribute for use with Garmin GPS handheld units for topographic navigation.
I don't want people to give copies of the .img file to others.  What do I need to do to distribute this GPS Map so that the file will only work on the specific GPS where it is installed?

Map Making Support / QGIS how to add custom labels to map?
« on: January 05, 2016, 06:28:49 AM »
Using QGIS, I can add labels to my map with the Text Annotation tool, but I don't see any way to customize the look of the labels created with that tool.  Is there any way to custom the labels or is there a plugin that makes labels where the size, color, etc., can be adjusted?

I figured it out.  The labels were not displaying because I was using "Curved" in the label Placement setting. I would still like to use the curved setting if anyone knows how to make the labels work correctly with that setting.  Until, then I will use the Parallel setting.

Map Making Support / Re: some labels only show when zoomed way in
« on: December 30, 2015, 10:22:54 AM »
Sorry, I forgot to specify.  This is in regards to making a map with QGIS.  When I have QGIS software open and I'm viewing the map, the labels for the lakes appear at all zoom levels and the labels for the hiking trails only show when zoomed it.

I have a map with two vector layers.  The polygon layer represents lakes and the polylines layer represents hiking trails.  Both layers have labels applied in the layer properties.  The labels for the lakes show at all zoom levels but the labels for the hiking trails only show when the map is zoomed very far in.  Both layers label properties are the same.

Could this be based on the column width that I set for the label?  Any ideas on how I can get the hiking trail labels to show just the lakes labels show.

Map Making Support / Re: "routable" hiking trails?
« on: December 28, 2015, 12:07:44 PM »
popej, thanks for the clarification.  With GPSMapEdit when  you have polygons with holes, the holes don't display as transparent, they block the layer underneath, however, that is only is the screen display, the map will look correct on the GPS.

Per Konstantin Galichsky creator of GPSMapEdit "unfortunately holes may be visualized incorrectly in GPSMapEdit in some cases. However it does not affect the final view in GPSr."

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