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What exactly is the correct way to install a map from BaseCamp to my eTrex 20?  (My GPS unit is just new and does not have any micro SD card installed.)  I used MapInstall to install a Michigan TOPO map to my GPS and it seemed to work fine.  Now I am trying to add a New Jersey TOPO map as well for an upcoming trip.  Both maps are in BaseCamp and work as expected there.  Following the same procedure as I did for MI, NJ appears to work (MapInstall shows installation complete), but NJ TOPO does not appear on my map list on the eTrex.  Do I have memory issues?  Nothing in the owners manual that I can find defines the memory available or the capacities of micro SD cards that will work.

This is anything but straightforward!

After reinstalling Map Installer and Map Manager, the .gmapi worked exactly how it was supposed to work.  Many, many, many thanks!!!

Now, to tackle getting this map unto my new eTrex 20.

BaseCamp was installed before the map was.  I will try a different map, just to see if that is the issue.

Thank you for the tip.

My Macbook running OSX 10.6.8 does not produce the results listed in either this post or the tutorial.  Upon clicking on the download the Michigan topo map, I get a file 154-7599-mitopo11.trz.  Double clicking on that file produces 154-7599-mitopo11.tar.  Double clicking on that produces a folder mitopo11.gmapi.  Double clicking on that just keeps producing more folders and files.  The map is not in Garmin Basecamp.  I cannot import any of these files or folders into Basecamp.  To see the map drop down box suggested in the tutorial, I had to first customize the Basecamp Toolbar by dragging the map source drop down box to the toolbar.  That box shows only the Global Map as present.  What am I missing?

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