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No problem, don't sweat it...sounds like an accidental mistake...I got over it.  :)

Craw, I saw your response which is now gone. Relax partner, it's no big deal.

Oz  - lock or delete this thread if you like, it's over and done. Just one of those internet goof ups
Quote from: -Oz- on January 23, 2012, 07:22:14 AM
So, after talking to indrid his actions make complete sense.  Although the question seemed innocent (asking how to use Basecamp as a GPS) you appeared to be using it to bypass the locking that the map author (MTCart) has put in place.  MTCart wants you to buy the map if you're going to use it and provides it for the computer as a way of "demo-ing" the map.

We encourage the use of maps and software however we do not want people to violate author's or Garmin's copyright or locking.

However, as you remember from Boyd's post the method is nroute on a laptop but nroute is no longer a supported program so some maps may not work.  Additionally, the MTCart map is still supposed to be paid for for use with a GPS.

For now I'm leaving this topic unlocked but if personal attacks occur I will modify it accordingly and lock it.

What the hell are you talking about? Nobody was trying to bypass nothing. Are you F'n serious? This is the only excuse that you can come up with.

It was simple as this: I asked if basecamp could be used in conjunction with a gps receiver to create a "laptop" gps...simple as that...nobody, no entity was trying to be bypassed! 

It was bad moderation, simple as that.
maps4gps, I sent you a pm.

Hope this thread doesn't get deleted, too  8)
Well, hmm.....

I see that there are 2 names listed as Mods: Oz and Indrid Cold

Oz pm'd me denied doing it and said that he was unaware of the deletion but would check into it.

Never heard from Indrid Cold...hmm!?
Hmm, now my "karma" is at 0, when it was -1 earlier this a/m. Unless this site has been hacked, there indeed is some backroom shenanigans going on. If so, then I think the "power trip" classification is correct

Boyd, thanks much for your response(s) late last week. I was going to work on doing the nRoute/Laptop GPS today by following your advice. Sadly, post was deleted
Quote from: -Oz- on January 22, 2012, 08:15:47 AM
I can assure you there is no backroom drama however I don't know about your post.

Please look into it, then. Pretty bizarre that this post was "poofed" and equally bizarre that I receive a "Negative" Karma moniker.

Hmm, an innocent inquiring post, a thoughtful and informative reply by Boyd, then, after being absent from this site for a day or 2 and finding post poofed and I'm slapped with a negative Karma.

If someone in the backroom here wants to have a power trip, I'd advise them to get a life
Last thur. or fri. I had made a post regarding: can you use basecamp as a GPS on laptop?

Boyd replied and was very helpful and informative. Well, I log on sun. morning and it's gone, plus I have a "negative" karma attached to my user name.

What is going on? Is there some backroom drama that I'm not aware of?
I'm talking about an overlay that would show surface ownership (BLM, Nat'l Forest, State lands, etc.,), not the PLSS maps that only show township and range.

Anything out there?
For example - on BaseCamp, I have a waypoint named: C - Willwood Canal 

but when I transfer waypoints to my Legend HCx, it's named:  C - Willwood C

From best I can tell, the HCx only will recognized 14 letters (this includes spaces).

Is there a method in which I can set the HCx to accept more letters? I've combed the manual up and down but can't find a way to do this.