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Fixed it!

Eapark, you are right!  I did not realize that their are two different data points called "parking".  Here the first 3 I did where of one kind of data point.  I had set the other points to the other data point option of "parking".  I corrected the rest of the data points that I have and now everything is working perfectly!


I attempted to install the C++ runtimes in the link but no luck.  On the machine that I would actually use a 64-bit version of MapEdit I have Visual Studio 2010 installed.  Have not used it since College but, nice to have nonetheless.  Issue is the uninstall reinstall takes hours if not days.  I do not even want to think about venturing into that realm.

But thank for you help popej! 

I think I will just stick with the 32-bit version for the sake of this issue probably not being worth the hours/days of troubleshooting and reinstalling C++ runtimes, .net, and Visual Studio components. 

Thank you again for your efforts popej!

hmm, I am so confused...

I included a screen shot of the error I am getting.  Is your version of Map++ 64-bit installed or are you just running it from the extracted 7-zip file?  I am just trying to run it from the extracted 7-zip folder.  No idea why this is not working.....

Thank you for your suggestions eaparks.

After reading your post it immediately dawned on me that I had created my initial 3 points before I had added any levels.  So, I fixed that issue and set everything to display on the map visible from levels 0-4 where as level 5 is my blank level.

The only issue is that after doing all of this, I recreated the maps, added them to basecamp and then uploaded them to the GPS but, I am still only seeing those 3 points I initially created.....

I then went looking for any difference between the POI that I created initially that worked and the subsequent ones that I added and that's when I noticed that their is a phone option under the POI that I originally created and their is no phone option with the other POI that I created (under the objects properties).  I also noticed on the working POI "home" I could enter in a street address without choosing the option to index as city where as at the other POI, "parking 173" object, I am not seeing this option.

I obviously messed something up with the label setting.  I am in the United States.  If I had chosen European label settings under map settings previously, could that being causing this?  I attached two screen shots, the one called "Home" is a working POI object properties screen.  The screen shot called "parking 173" is a nearby POI that I created that is not working......

Once again, I appreciate your expertise/help guys!

Hey guys,

So, I created my first test of my snowmobile trails map the other day (using GPSMapEdit).  The trails map does show the trails real well and I created my first points of interests (POI), marking intersections on the snowmobile trails as parking (since their is no POI called intersection).  The three I created showed up perfectly on the Garmin Nuvi 260 that I have to test with.

I then went out and updated my trails map.  I added several more intersections as points of interest and loaded them in basecamp using MapSetToolKit.  Here is where it gets weird for me.  I updated the map on the GPS and when I check the points of interest, I still only see my original 3.  I have since removed the original map I created, changed it's id number several times and renamed it and no matter what I do, my Nuvi 260 only shows 3 points of interest for this map.  The stranger then yet is I see all of my points of interest when I import the map into Basecamp.  What am I doing wrong?

Popej, I am just wondering, have you or anyone else for that matter been able to run the 64bit version of MapEdit++?

I tried running it on 2 separate machines that I have, both running Windows 7 SP1 64-bit.  One is a Core 2 Duo the other is a Core 2 Quad.  I keep getting an error message to the effect of "configuration not correct, for setup" or something like that.  I have run the 64-bit Office 2010 demo no problem in the past, not sure why I can't run MapEdit++ 64-bit?  Does it run using AMD chips using a 64-bit version of Windows?  I am so confused....

What does Microsoft Office have to do with anything? This is a shareware program that is more akin to a "labor of love" by an individual, not one of the world's largest corporations.

I understand the part about not wanting to pay if it won't do what you want. But using the software and refusing to pay because you don't like the license is another matter.

FWIW, I got a license a number of years ago and moved the program to another machine with no issues.

I do not think I explained myself thoroughly before.  I apologize.  I only started with this process of map making on Sunday, which was 4 days ago.  I came across this forum after reading about snowmobiling & gps on a snowmobiling forum on Sunday and realized that I should be able to get this to work.

Since I barely have my feet wet, I am not going to pay for anything yet.  If I can get my proof of concept a little bit further along in the process and get beyond an alpha development stage, I will gladly pay for the software, if I know this will work as intended.

I was using the Microsoft Office example as an example of difficulties with serials and programs in general.  Office 2007 would tie the machine id, os id, and the serial number together, allowing only 2 different installs per serial, for product activation.  That is the sort of thing I have issue with in particular.

I am extremely happy to hear that GPSMapEdit does not make a user go through all of these hoops and as a result, will look into purchasing the software if I can get beyond the early testing stages.

I am just curious. I just downloaded the MapEdit ++ software and from the looks of it, it appears to almost exactly the same as GPSMapEdit.

I am curious is the open source version (MapEdit) just a simplified open source version where as GPSMapEdit it more of a finished retail product that are both being developed at the same time?  ie.  Apple with OSX and Darwin (the free opensource and extremely limited version of OSX).    Or is GPSMapEdit more of a closed project now as MapEdit appears to have not changed any of its source code since 2010, ie.  TiVo originally developing their software open source and making it an open project and then in 2006 taking the whole project and making it closed source.

I'm just curious because these two software programs are ridiculously similar to each other. 

This also finally explains why 1/2 the time when googling software people referred to MapEdit where as the other 1/2 of the time they referred to GPSMapEdit.  Here I thought it was just people trying to save time by shorting up the software name.....

If you have found value in the use of the program, why wouldn't you support the author's work by purchasing a legal copy?

I have several issues with purchasing the software at this point.

1.  I am still in the proof of concept/alpha stages of my build.  I do not want to pay for anything until I can actually prove that a finished product is indeed possible to be built.

2.  Bigger issue, I hate dealing with program activation and inability to move serials to and from machines.  I have had real issues with this in the past with programs like perfectdisk (which I paid for program upgrades and they failed to give me) and Microsoft Office (upgrade OS doing blank install on same machine, Office would not reinstall)

If the software can be proven to me to be a means to an end and at the same time give me the flexibility to move the software from machine to machine and OS to OS then I would definitely look into paying for the software but, if the software is more of a hassle then what the benefit is to me, then their is no way I am going to pay for it.

Microsoft Office is a prime example of this.  I knew plenty of College student who would have paid the $80 price of Microsoft Office for Students but with the problems with licensing the software and serials, many would take the route of pirating as it was just a heck of a lot less hassle to deal with. 

Hello Everyone,

I am attempting to merge 4 separate maps that I am in the process of creating into a single map.  I originally was attempting to make a custom kml map using google earth and basecamp for use when snowmobiling in Marathon County Wisconsin. That process worked perfectly although, I did not understand you could not make your own routable trails in bootcamp when I made the custom map  :(.  In the process of doing so, I split the county map into 4 smaller jpeg files.

I have since used the tutorial on "gpssledmaps.com" and imported one of the converted .bmp files into OzExplorer, calibrated it.  Saved it as a .map file and am now editing it in GPSMapEdit.  This has all worked out astonishingly well in the last 2 days.

Only issue, how do I merge the 4 separate .mp files I get from GPSMapEdit into one before I make it into a finished map?  I had to split the files earlier into smaller ones due to the raster map image and now I am afraid I am going to be stuck with 4 maps when what I really want is 1 routable transparent map that I can overlay on a Wisconsin Topographical map for snowmobiling?

I also would hate to pay anything at this point since I am so close to actually having workable county snowmobile maps.

Your help is greatly appreciated!!!

Site Support / Registration E-mail issues
« on: February 26, 2013, 07:17:41 PM »
Hey guys,

I am not sure who I am suppose to mention this to but, when I went to register yesterday, I tried putting in my hotmail address and I never received the confirmation e-mail. I tried resending it several times and I never received it.  I even tried the forgot password feature and it said I never confirmed my e-mail, after I inserted that same e-mail address.  I checked my spam folders several times and everything.

Forwhatever reason though, when I tried registering today using my gmail account, I received the e-mail instantly. Not sure why but gmail worked where hotmail failed.

Site Support / Re: Wisconsin snowmobile trail map
« on: February 26, 2013, 03:41:34 PM »
Hello Guys,

So, I justed checked the same page that you guys had mentioned earlier, the "gpssledmaps.com" site.  If you check the source code for the blank pages you can see the text is indeed embedded into the pages.  So, out of curiosity, I used a Virtual Machine (virtual OS install) with Internet Explorer 6 that I keep around for legacy software.  Guess what, the pages displayed perfectly!

So, out of curiosity, I downloaded firefox from portableapps.com and did an extraction to a new folder on my desktop (portable apps version are non-install versions which means you can delete the folder afterwards with nothing extra left on your computer).

So, I loaded the page up and everything on the page displayed perfectly.  The page must be built using legacy html code, I did not too inspect too closely into the code to find out what the exact display issue is.   

Living in Wisconsin I downloaded the Wisconsin 2009 free maps and loaded it into basecamp.  Everything worked perfectly!  They seem to be missing big parks of Marathon County but considering they are free, I can not complain.

You can find the portable apps version of firefox @:  portableapps. c o m /apps/internet/firefox_portable (just copy and paste to your browser and remove the extra spaces)  Just scroll down the page to find the legacy listing and, which worked for me.  Just don't go web browsing all over the place with as I am sure their are several known web browser exploits by this time.

Also, you can not have regular firefox and portable versions open at the same time so, close your regular firefox install when you try to open the portable version open or the portable version will not work!

Keep away from the forum page also with firefox portable, it does appear that sometime in early 2012 some web bots found a way to take over the forum.  I would not be surprised if one of the links has some crazy old school firefox web exploits linked from it.

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