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Map Making Support / Problem generating coutour files for FL topo map
« on: August 17, 2008, 03:17:35 PM »
I am following the tutorial to generate a FL topo map. I have a small problem with the data for the New Smyrna Beach quadrant (29.5 north, -81 west).  When generating the contour files for that quadrant Gobal Mapper chokes on the third ArcGrid file for that quadrant with a "Unknown error generating contours." error message.  I used the recommended values from the tutorial and a 1 arc degree for width and 0.5 arc degree for height.

That quadrant is a little strange, as only the first (west) data file holds land, the remaining three show only water.  I could reproduce the error using only the elevation data for that quadrant, and processing only the first two solves this problem.

I restarted the processing for all FL DEM files.  Lets hope there is no other problem, it took already a couple of hours to get to this problem and the progress bar only says 25%.

Is this a known problem, and does another workaround exist?


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