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General Discussion / MapInstall?
July 16, 2017, 03:51:35 PM
Has anyone else had issues with using MapInstall? I'm not sure if I used it or Mapsource for my original Garmin 530hcx map installs, but I picked up a new garmin and tried to load maps on it with no luck using MapInstall. It doesn't want to do the math right, as I tried to load 2.76mb of data on a 2gb and it told me I couldn't as there wasn't enough room for the maps. I tried a 4gb card and it looked like it worked, but in checking I found out it didn't.

Used Mapsource, and had no problems.
School me again on using transparent maps. I'm trying to see if they will work on my Garmin 530Hcx, and how do you use them in Basecamp? I haven't quite gotten the knack of getting both normal and transparent to display at the same time yet.