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GPSr Units / Upload waypoints to Nuvi ... This is how
December 11, 2009, 11:23:57 AM
Using MapSource I can create a route in the PC and upload to the Nuvi but I don't seem to be able to upload just waypoints so I can recall them and navigate to them from my current position.

Is this possible?


Also ... Now that I know how to do this with favorites .. how can I associate a picture with it and send that to the Nuvi from MapSource?
I have a full USA set of the DeLorme topo maps by region.  I subsequently bought the DVD map version.

Can this be converted so it can be used in the GPS and also in my Nuvi or imported to Map Source?

I bought a Nuvi, got a city navigator update and installed it.  It also installed itself in my PC on Map Source ... works great.

I have a huge exe. file ... no CD.

I am going to travel and want to have the City Navigator in Map Source on my laptop so I can plan routes and download them to the Nuvi.  I have Map Source installed but when I ran the City Navigator file it did not install it in Map Source like it did on the PC.

1.  How to do this?

2.  Can I transfer registry entries, files or something from the PC to the laptop?

I don't need it on the PC so I want to move it to the laptop if possible.

Garmin let me download the map update again .. garmin_rmu_cnnant2009_1.exe ... for my Nuvi 5000.  When I ran it before on my PC it also updated the map in Map Source.

When I ran it today on my laptop it did NOT update the map in Map Source which was why I wanted it.

How can I get this map into Map Source now?  I have no idea why it automatically updated it before on the PC.
I got the 60 day update map for the Nuvi and it installed into Map Source also.  I need to move it to my laptop since that is what I use on the road.  It is on my hard drive ... huge file.  How can I move it to the laptop and make it work?  It is OK if it no longer works on the regular PC too.  I just need one working computer.
GPSr Units / Nuvi 5000 startup question
February 20, 2009, 01:10:31 PM
Every time I start this thing I have to go through 5 screens ... is this normal?

I have to set the language, time zone, map, etc.  Can this be saved someplace?
Hi All ... I am new and don't know much!

I just got a Nuvi 5000 and I have MapSource.  I want to be able to plan a trip from home to Florida and use the Nuvi in the car. 

The unit does not have a battery so I want to plan the trip on my computer and then send the tip to the Nuvi 5000.

How can I get the city map out of the Nuvi 5000 and into my computer for MapSource. 

Thanks for a step by step lesson for dummies