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Map Making Support / Make Topo Map Part 2 - Stuck
« on: May 28, 2020, 10:40:31 AM »
I am followng the multi-step Topo Map Tutorials and am currently stcuk on Part 2.

All countour data files are downloaded and unzipped in their own directory.

Under Combine all Countours, step 4, I donot understand what I am supposed to do here. The 'second line' in the batch file reads 'cd %contourfolder%'. How am I supposed to format this?

Step 4 suggest this line is already fomratted for the BIN folder on 64-bit OS, and I see that address in lines 5 and 6, followed by 'ogr2ogr' (not 'ogr2ogr.exe').

Not able to get any further yet.

BTW, where will the new 'mergecounturs.shp' file mentioned in step 7 be located if/when it works? THe tutorial does not specify this.

Thank You!

Map Making Support / GPSMapEdit Map Verification
« on: December 30, 2013, 11:17:38 PM »
Recently, I have started to play with adding routing information to my maps using GPSMapEdit:

I will save my map in current configuration (*.mp) and select 'Tools > Verify Map...'. I will get a list of several hundred errors, and I will spend hours correcting each error until the 'Verify Map' process no longer returns a single error. I can then save the map (*.mp) as is, and run the map verification at will, returning zero errors each time.

However, If I re-run the 'Tools > Generate Routing Graph' function, and then re-run the map verification, I will again be presented with hundreds of errors, many of which appear to be duplicates from the previous verification.

After about the third time around, I did not save the new *.mp mapset, and undid ('ctrl-Z') the new routing graph. Now verification result sin zero errors.

Why do all these errors reappear after running the 'Routing Graph Generator' again? I have not changed any data in the map between.

I assume I must run the 'Routing Graph Generator' after any map edits for the map to be exported with complete and accurate routing information.

If any of GPSFileDepots master map makers familiar with this process would be so kind as to offer advice, i would be very grateful!

Map Making Support / Routable Maps
« on: December 30, 2013, 11:07:40 PM »
I have been slowly building several mapsets over the past few months, learning everything by trial and error, with the help and support of a few expert map makers here at GPSFileDepot.

Using GPSMapEdit, I have verified, corrected thousands of irregularities, generated routing graphs, and tested routing graphs on some of my maps. All of my map data is at Level 0, which is set to 24 bit detail.

I then export from GPSMapEdit to *.img file (with *.idx), and use MSTK to load the mapset into BaseCamp/MapSource. ALL the cGPSmapper routing settings are enabled in the map information tab in GPSMapEdit.

I have been able to routinely install/uninstall maps for BaseCamp with MSTK without issue for some time, so I feel I have this figured out.... but:

BaseCamp/MapSource refuse to recognize any routing capabilities in my maps. That is to say, I can not get BaseCamp/MapSource to use trails/roads/etc regardless of routing settings. Sending the map to my GPSr, MapSource allows me to check the 'Send Routing Data' box, so I assume it knows routing data is present, but the resulting mapset on my GPSr also refuses to allow routing along streets/trails/etc.

Do any of our expert map makers know how/where the routing information is stored/enabled? I know a couple map makers here have routable maps available, so I assume they may have overcome this issue already.

Yes, I do have the routable version of cGPSmapper. In fact, looking around the cGPSmapper website for potential answers, I found the SendMap20 application provided there, and installed it for testing purposes.

The reason I use MSTK to install my map into BC/MS is twofold: 1> To review map content and accuracy, and 2> MSTK allows me to apply my custom TYP to the map during installation. When everything looks good in BC, I then send the mapset to my GPSr, where I also review for content and accuracy on the device.

Combining my GPSMapEdit/cGPSmapper *.img file with the desired TYP file in SendMap20, I can produce a new *.img file for use with the GPSr. This map, when loaded onto my Garmin GPSr, ALLOWS ROUTING along the streets/trails/etc in my map. I even went so far as to remove all other maps from my GPSr to ensure the routing was indeed occurring based on the data in my mapset.

So, is MSTK not capable of sending routing information along when present?

I adjusted the mapset on my GPSr to be available in BaseCamp, enabled it in BaseCamp (read directly from the connected GPSr), and BaseCamp still refuses to allow routing, while the GPSr can and does use the routing information in the mapset.

I have not yet constructed a full BaseCamp installer for my mapset, and perhaps this is the only way to get routing data into BC/MS? Or maybe I am just missing something somewhere else along the way.

Map Making Support / Garmin polyline TYP 0x17 conflicts
« on: November 04, 2013, 11:49:49 PM »
Anyone familiar with any potential conflicts with custom TYP 0x17 polylines?

I am using them for bridle trails in my maps, and they are displayed properly on my various Garmin GPS receivers, but they do not display properly in BaseCamp or MapSource.  When I mouse over them in BC/MS, the trail name is displayed, so the trail is present, but BC/MS both refuse to display my custom TYP 0x17. I have checked to be sure the colors used are 'Garmin Colors', and as I said, they show just fine on my Garmin GPSr.

Any and all input much appreciated.

Map Making Support / Comparing Shape Files
« on: October 22, 2013, 02:24:57 PM »
Anyone here have an effective method of comparing two shape files for the same area to filter out duplicate data?

Purpose: After using OSM shape file data to create a map, and editing out unwanted data or correcting inaccurate data, one can not simply import a newer shape file with updated information without reintroducing previous errors and omissions. I wish to compare two shape files and determine what has been added to or changed in the new file and discard the remaining older data.


Map Making Support / GPSMapEdit *.mp to*.img Detail Lost
« on: August 08, 2013, 07:52:46 AM »
After solving previous issues, I am moving along with my map making adventure and have discovered a new issue I cant seem to resolve.

When I export my *.mp map to *.img format with GPSMapEdit/cgpsmapper the resulting map suffers loss of detail that is unacceptable.

In this linked screen capture, you can see the original mp map detail compared to the exported map after installation into MapSource.

Map Levels are:

Level0= 24 Zoom0=0
Level1= 23 Zoom1=1
Level2= 21 Zoom2=2
Level3= 18 Zoom3=3

All Polylines exist on Level0 and are extended up to Level2

Map Header:
; Generated by GPSMapEdit

Name=SW Trails 130808

I have been experimenting with various TRE/RGN values, turning cgpsmapper preprocessing on/off, and have been unsuccesful in maintaining map detail in the final IMG.

I must be overlooking something very simple....

Any thoughts, please?

I recently had success exporting some trail maps I created in GPSMapEdit v2.0 to Garmin IMG format without issue.

I then created individual trail maps in GPSMapEdit for several states using identical settings for each state.

I have combined multiple state trail maps (*.mp) in GPSMapEdit and saved the new collective map as *.mp file.

When I try to export the collective *.mp map to Garmin IMG format with GPAMapEdit, and it runs cgsmapper, I get this:

Code: [Select]
cGPSmapper a GIS converter into GARMIN compatible format maps
Version : 0100d Nov 19 2010
Copyright(C) Stanislaw Kozicki, 2000-2010
[email protected]

Non Commercial only - Free cGPSmapper version with extended set of types
Custom type definition    : YES
ESRI data support         : NO
POI full info             : NO
POI indexing              : NO
City indexing             : NO
Find intersection support : NO
Street numbers support    : NO
Street full address       : NO
Global indexing support   : NO
Auto-routing support      : NO
Marine (extended) types   : YES
Map locking support       : NO
          Garmin and MapSource are registered trademark or trademarks of
                     Garmin Ltd. or one of its subsidiaries.
              cGPSMapper home page: http://cgpsmapper.com
Importing and preprocessing data
Current import datum is: W84 :WGS 84 Global Definition II
Codepage set to: 1252
String coding: 8 bits
POI info sorting
Layer >>>>>>0<<<<<< generation
Error E032: Layer 0 of the map cannot be empty.

Do any of the Map making masters here have any suggestions?

Site Support / Sorting Columns
« on: January 29, 2013, 07:47:23 AM »
Would it be possible to consider including a 'Routable' column with the others here:


I have found several routable maps available here, but currently no system exists to identify them in the map list.

Thank You.

General Discussion / LightSquared Gets A Boost
« on: September 16, 2011, 06:16:21 AM »
We all need to call our congressmen and voice our objections to this project, unless you want your GPSr to all be paper weights.

General Discussion / Route Conversion Software
« on: August 15, 2011, 12:10:11 AM »
Just stumbled upon this open source SW, looks promising to me!


General Discussion / Garmin 100k TOPOs
« on: June 02, 2011, 05:22:13 AM »
Garmins US Topo 100K maps are garbage. They are off by as much as 200 feet.

I know, I have the 550T with those maps, and it consistently shows me more than 200 feet from my actual position due to map error, as the unit itself reports the correct Lat Lon. Using topo maps I found here at GPSFD the unit is wonderful!

I called Garmin Support about this issue and was politely told that if I wanted better maps, I would have to purchase them, and the error in the 100K Topo was a known issue they were happy not to correct.

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