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I'm lost and confused, likely because of 'operator error', could someone help me find some clarity here?  After about a month of learning how to use the unit and software, I backed up my new 78sc to my computer:
c:\MyGarmin   Basecamp.bak   188KB   8/28/10
It came preloaded with the BlueChart2 map.
I downloaded and installed the Florida Topo which shows up in add/remove programs (running XP); and also the SE US Topo map and US Planimetric SE.
I was running BaseCamp, mapinstall and Homeport, and really in new user mode; maybe I should be investigating Mapsource or other software(?).  I had initially added the recommended SD card.
My unit disappeared for about a month and was returned to me by a neighbor who said he had found it in the street, bless his heart: upon its return I attempted to 'restore' it to the original condition after doing a second backup in the 'recovered' conditon.
c:\MyGarmin   Recovered Basecamp.bak 188KB 11/12/2010

The unit itself has the following files I can see using windows explorer.
D:\Garmin   GarminDevice.xml   mod 12/30/2010
      gmapbmap.img 49,824 modified4/30/2010
      gmapprom.img  =main map 1,779,936 3/04/2010
      gmapsupp.img   162,200      modified 11/13/2010 mapsource/mapinstall main map name..replaces gmapprom as main map?
      gmaptz.img  591 modified 4/15/2010

         006-D0952-05.bin   mod 10/23/2009 12:14AM
         006-D0952-06.bin   mod 10/23/2009
F:\Garmin   gmapsupp.img 1,349,472    modified 8/30/2010 <renamed gmapsupp1.img>
      GUPDATE.GCD   7,816   modified 12/27/2010
         userdata.gpx 3,344   modified 9/21/2010 created 9/7/2010

BaseCamp has not been able to run and connect with the unit for ages, I can't say when that really happened; it just comes up and crashes immediately.  I was able, with the assistance of technical support at Garmin, to create a new identity on XP and get the program to run, without connection or showing the maps on the unit.
After much study I haven't gotten to adept yet, don't really understand the nuances of the file names and operating system (I'm on the second or third BETA os update now - and it occurs to me that the problems started with the first BETA??): whatever the situation, my study led me to think I should rename The F:...gmapsupp.img to gmapsupp1.img to avoid a conflicting filename, but I suspect there are other issues with file names and really would appreciate non-destructive recommendations and alternatives.
At the end of the day, I'm not sure I need the SE US topo or planimetric; my travels are generally related to Florida..I'm willing to try anything almost, but don't want to lose my pre-loaded BlueChart Maps.  I'd like to learn to create custom maps, and switch out from map to map etc.; but understand it takes time to learn: right now I'm kinda stuck and looking for help in getting up and running on the computer end, the unit actually does fine.
I tried to download Mapsource 6.16.3, but I note the caveat that it only works if you already have a Garmin map installed: I have the BlueChart2 preloaded but it doesn't show up in my software at Garmin or qualify me to run mapsource?  That whole thing is a bit confusing, maybe I'll have to buy a map from Garmin to be able to use it?

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