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GPSr Units / How to update maps on Nuvi1350?
February 18, 2022, 02:47:36 AM
I used to belong to forums and the folks there helped me figure some things out over the years, but trying to go there again now that website appears to be kaput  :(

I then searched for "gpsreviews" hoping maybe it had just changed names or something but actually found a reference to that forum here by Boyd, and sounds like that website is no more, so thought I'd trying asking a dumb question or two here...

I have a numi 1350 that I haven't updated in awhile (but have a need to now; it came with "lifetime updates" btw).  I never liked the Garmin Express updater and instead thx to help from folks on gpsreviews got turned onto a simple program called GarminMapUpdater.exe that I used with no problems but that was 5 years ago that I last used it.  I uninstalled Garmin Express many years ago....

Trying GarminMapUpdater2 now it no longer works (gives error msg of not being able to find the server or something similar; I guess Garmin shut that off).

What are my options to update maps for my nuvi now?? 

Thanks for any help.