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Good morning. My frustration is "through the roof" on this issue!
Windows 10
Basecamp 4.7.4 (Also use Mapsource)
MapInstall 4.2.3
Garmin GPSMap 276cx w/32gb SD Card

I have used Basecamp/Mapinstall to install Topo 24k Southwest (I own the DVD) onto the 276cx. It goes through the motions building, indexing, etc. Says "finished". Disconnect 276cx from PC, turn it on, go to "configure maps", TOPO IS NOT THERE!!! I have done this several times. Will not show up. In "Explorer" it shows it has been installed, .img file is on the sd card.

An interesting note, I have experimented with Mapsource, and guess what.... it installs and shows in "Configure Maps".
I have used Mapsource for years with my 60csx, never an issue. But, it is old and no longer supported. Decided when I bought the 276cx 3 months ago that I would give Basecamp a good honest try and learn it.

I have searched the internet for 2 days now and can not find anything concerning this! I have contacted Garmin, worked with them for about an hour. His final response "just keep using Mapsource". That to me is completely unacceptable!! Mapsource is not supported any longer. Why would I use an older program on newer hardware. But????

I am at "wits end", I DO NOT know what else to do. Please help me. Thank you.