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General Discussion / New Maps for Canada, US and Mexico
« on: October 08, 2020, 12:03:57 PM »
In the coming days and weeks I intend to upload Topo Maps I have made/compiled for Canada, US and Mexico.  These are created with OSM data and compiled with mkgmap.  Most if not all maps will have 40ft contours and dem/3d shading.  These maps are in different stages of processing at the moment but it looks like Mexico will be a complete country, the US will have 8 regions plus Hawaii and Alaska, while Canada is likely to have 4 regions.   The downloads will be in gmap format, zipped. 
For a little back ground..  Since 2009, when I got a Garmin hcx Vista then later a 30x I have used Garmins own 24k and 100k, the various cgpsmapper maps from here and more recently OSM road and “topo” maps available here and elsewhere.  I drew inspiration from each, however:
-Garmins maps are so so, but there is not much you can modify other than hide poi’s in basecamp and road data gets old.
-The cgpsmapper maps are really old and at present most are 8-12 years old,  also I didn’t care for the cgpsmapper tattoo and they look horrible on Android (more on this down the page).
-The OSM maps are more current and if I was in Europe I would have a lot of choices to choose from in topo and road maps, but for North America our choices are really limited for topo maps.  They are ok general purpose maps, but not enough contour detail and too many Poi’s!
Last year I decided to dip my toes into mapmaking.  I dabbled with both the method described here at gps files depot and the mkgmap method.  I had several humble goals:
-Make a topo map for the Pacific Northwest, my home.
-One map to work on basecamp, oryx for “everyday use” and my Garmin etrxes in the “field”.
-Minimal poi’s, a clean, Spartan look with trails and peaks standing out, with dem.
In the end I decided to pursue the mkgmap method.  It seems the nadir of map making for Garmin was 5-8 years ago regardless of the method.  There are a handful of committed folks, almost all in Europe who continue to contribute and participate with mkgmap.  Tools, techniques and tutorials are mostly old, some depreciated and others dead, what I found though worked for me.  I can manipulate the style sheets and typ files, include contours and dems and have maps that work on all my devices.  I found through trial and error that oryx needs an img created with a typ file to render close to what is seen in basecamp.
What started as looking to download updated topo maps for my region,  turned into making Garmin compatible topo maps for a Continent!   Finally, GPS files depot is one of the few if only places where amateur map makers such as myself can share their maps.  Keep your eye on this thread for updates; I guess we can call these Monkey Maps.  Cheers.

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