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General Discussion / Utah topos
October 05, 2021, 09:48:59 AM
I downloaded the Utah topo 2011 from the site, and found that it has detailed topo maps for some parts of Utah, but not of others.   I have a trip coming up to NE Utah, specifically south of Vernal, and as far as I can see it has no info for that area.  As I zoom in, I get nothing but the general US basemap.

I do not want to spend $99 for a Utah map, but maybe that is what I need to do.  Ideas?

This is the second time that I have had this problem.   I download the map, click to install it by running the .exe file,  go through the steps, click on "Finish."  But when I go to Basecamp, it does not see the map.  I click on maps, and the same list of maps appears.    My earlier problem was with the Nebraska topo, tonight with the Utah topo....  I assume that my problem is not with the map, but with Basecamp, but really I have no idea.

I was told that I did not need to do anything other than run the .exe file.  No need to import the map, for example, or move files to a particular place.


I am going around in circles trying to load the Nebraska topo onto my computer and Etrex20x.  I have Windows 10 with Basecamp. I downloaded the Nebraska topo as an exe file, and when executed it created the directory netopo11.   When I looked in the directory of netopo11 on my computer, there are a series of disk images.   I believe when I have loaded maps in the past, I got a single .img file.   Basecamp does not seem to know what to do with disk images, so I have not succeeded in getting the Nebraska topo onto Basecamp.   

Please tell me what I am missing.  Thanks.