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General Discussion / Unusual use for a GPS
« on: September 12, 2018, 01:21:14 PM »
New member, and my first post.

I've had a Nuvi 1390 for quite some time, and my main use for it (95+% of the time) has been locating fishing spots in south Florida. The original map had absolutely GR8 local waterway definitions that were so granular that the smallest canals nearby even those on or near small paved roads were represented on the travel map. I found some honey holes that are generally inaccessible where I can hand launch my small boat at locations that just murder the bass :-)

Anyway... My Nuvi came barebones (no removable memory installed) with free lifetime map upgrades. I had never upgraded the map, so I installed a 32GB card and downloaded the recent one but to my utter surprise the "upgraded" City Navigator North America NT 2019.2.v22.20 not only lost the greater majority of useful water profiles but WIPED out the map that was on my internal memory!

I was totally disgusted that an "upgrade" would destroy a perfectly good map which was not interfering with the new map location memory space. I "get" that some lawyer likely made that decision to exonerate Garmin in the event an old map caused a problem, but a simple "acknowledge" of possible errors and responsibility on the user for using an old map will stand up in court.

I've been a programmer for over 35 years (application and test code) and this made no sense to me. When called, Garmin basically said, yeah, we delete old maps, you can't get an archived map but we will give you a "Customer loyalty" price break on several new models" with the same new map that isn't working for me any more.

Not today! :-)

I've downloaded and installed the OSM east coast and a Topo map from GPSFILEDEPOT but neither have the waterway resolution I would find usable, so my question(s) is/are:

Does anyone know if I can transfer an older map if found online into my current 1390?
Is there an open source map with mega detail for local waterways?

Failing that, for a second plan I found several used Garmin GPS on the web with confirmed ~7+ year old maps on them and rather than diddle with mine any more I will buy them both and I will give my current GPS to my GF.

So, I know this is an unusual post, any help would be appreciated.

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