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Map Making Support / MapInstall - Unable to Select Tiles
« on: April 18, 2018, 04:04:25 PM »
In the past when I worked with maps I was able to create .mp tiles, convert them to .img, compile them with MapsetToolkit, install them on my computer and use BaseCamp / MapInstall to select tiles to upload to my GPS (GPSmap 60CSx).

I must be doing something dumb now because I cannot get the MapInstall selection to work on a new map (verified on a second computer).  Selection and upload works on an old map and on maps freshly downloaded and installed from gpsfiledepot.  What I have done for this post is to create two very simple map segments to try to reduce the problem to very simple diagnostics (simple, but apparently beyond me).

I am hoping that someone with curiosity and time will look at what I have done (see the explanation in the attachments) and give me some pointers that might help.

I have tried many things (such as looking at levels, draw priorities, etc.) as well as numerous internet searches with out success.

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