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Hello. I'm trying to get my Garmin Drive 5 to display topographic lines while also allowing me to use the City Navigator (and other maps) that comes with the GPS. I would like to use the TYP file to make all of the roads and everything transparent, so that only the topographic lines appear. When I try to make everything in the TYP file transparent except the contour lines themselves, a gray background appears and blocks the view of the other maps on the device. I tried editing the polygon 0x4b, (which I believe is the background polygon or something of that degree,) but nothing happened. I've tried using GMapTools, but that still didn't do anything. It seems that the topographic map has the highest priority to be displayed. Any suggestions?
Just a quick question, I've been looking at a few maps on the site here and was interested in the Colorado Topographic map. I was wondering if there was a way I could change the pattern and color of the contour lines, by editing the .TYP file. I tried looking at the .TYP through TYPWiz 5, and it looked like there wasn't any correlation to the contour lines from this file. I've been wanting to change the contour lines to a different style, possibly change it so at a certain elevation add a green color for mountains and to change the contour line's color. Is there some way through this that anyone knows of and could offer some help?
General Discussion / Colorado Raster Map?
October 26, 2017, 01:50:19 PM
So, I was looking on the internet for a while and never really saw any raster maps for Colorado. I was wondering if there was one somewhere around somewhere. Does anyone know where I could get a raster map? (that isn't the whole Bird's eye subscription from Garmin.) I have a Garmin Drive 5 lm.