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General Discussion / Custom symbols for 64s
December 21, 2016, 07:43:17 PM
Is it possible to create custom waypoint symbols for the 64s using Basecamp?  I've searched this forum and others but coming up empty for my combination.

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General Discussion / Newbie from Indy
September 01, 2016, 06:49:11 PM
I'm a new member from the Indianapolis area.  My Delorme PN-40 died and I have just ordered a GPSMAP-64st.  In the meantime I went ahead and downloaded Basecamp and have been playing around with it when I stumbled upon this site while Googling around some other sites.  I previously mapped a lot of trails and campsites in Indiana and Kentucky on my PN-40 and am learning how to export them from Topo USA to Basecamp.  I'm very excited about what I'm finding here.  My daughter and I are backpacking the Cranberry Wilderness in WV next week and I already have downloaded the trails in that area to download on my new Garmin when I receive it.  I look forward to learning new things here and can hopefully contribute something when the opportunity arises.   Thanks.