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Map Making Support / Polygon Appearing Issues
September 10, 2020, 12:38:42 PM
Hi all,

I've been working on trying to compile my map data to show a difference in boundary data between two different polygon types.  I got the original layer I've used for years to work but the new layer won't show at all after exporting and compiling it.

Right now I'm doing most of my map recording and any data manipulation with ArcMap 10.3 then I export .shp files and import them into GPSMapEdit which I use to verify connectivity for routing before I compile it with cgpsMapper and export the final image to use on my Garmin 750 series.

I have a couple different private properties for hunting, hiking, etc., that I have recorded with permission from the owner but I'm trying to get the polygons to show up in different colors.  But the only one I have any luck with is green but all the areas still show up in the same shade on my Garmin display.  So any shade of green I use in GPSMapEdit shows up in the same shade on my Garmin but none of the other polygon colors show up at all, not even faintly.

Thanks in advance.
Good afternoon folks.

So after the April 6th debacle I've come across a very strange issue.  I have a few older Garmin Nuvi 750 units that I compile personal data into a gmapsupp.img file to use around where I live.  It worked great until the 6th of this month but now only works on 2 of my 5 units.

Steps I've taken so far, include:

  • I've made sure to flash all the hard drives of the unit I have so they all the have the same software version on them.
  • I've went through my personal data files to make sure all the units have data that's been specifically matched to their serial numbers so they should work as they did before the 6th
  • Double checked the data to make sure all the region id and product codes match so the maps will unlock for each unit

The only thing I've noticed with the units is the ones that work have a GPS SW Version of 2.20m and the ones that don't are 2.90m.

Does anyone have any idea what the GPS SW Version does?  Or how I can change the version to the ones that work to see if that will resolve my issue?

Thanks in advance.
Map Making Support / Route-able data issues
January 12, 2016, 02:36:01 PM
So after much consultation with other members of this forum, issues with programs and personal effort, I have another issue with generating route-able map data for newer and older model Nuvi units.   >:(

I am currently using a route-able version of cGPSmapper, Sendmap20, SDLock and GPSMapEdit to generate mapping data for a Nuvi 700 series.  And it works great.  BUT, when I try to put the same data on a Nuvi 1000 series, after editing the information before generating data, it won't read my data.  So I tried a new direction to solve my new issue.

After asking questions and getting feedback I downloaded Mapsource, MapsetToolkit, and another version of cgpsmapper (for solution issues).

"Now" when I try to use the MapsetToolkit to change my .img file to a .tbd file, to open with Mapsource, it tells me that I have to use the GMapTool program, so I then downloaded gmaptool.  Now it tells me I have a locked map so checked my source data against the new file I'm trying to create.  I matched the FID thinking that maybe this could be the issue but to no avail it won't budge.

Please, I know this looks like a catastrophe, so I can try to clarify more, but can someone help me untie this knot I've created for myself.

Feeling kind of at wits end so to speak.  I believe I am over complicating the heck out of this.

Thanks in advance.
Map Making Support / Map Creation and Selection Issue
December 30, 2015, 12:12:52 PM
So when I try to create two separate maps and load them into the same device I get an error because the image creator only lets me make Disc Image Files with the name GMAPSUPP.img and not anything custom.  So I do the usual steps and try to rename one file or the other with a number or letter but the Garmin Nuvi 760 I have cannot find the file without the original name of "GMAPSUPP".

I want to make a mapset that I can turn on either maps or both at the same time but keep running into the same issue.

I am using GPSMapEdit to create the original Polish format .mp file and Sendmap20 to create my Disc Image File.

Does anyone know what my deal is or maybe have experience with the same issue?  Any help is greatly appreciated.
I've been trying to combine two different sets of map data into one and have had nothing but trouble doing it.

I am using GPSMapEdit and CGPSmapper as editing and generating software.

It seems that when I combine both sets of map data and compile it into a usable image there are roads and points missing from the finished product.  I do not have this same issue when I make the maps separately.  The data I do have will route as it should but I want to have all of it, not just 75-80%.

Any clues as to how I can remedy this situation?  Help, or guidance, is greatly appreciated.
Hello all,

does anyone know if there is a way to change or add more predefined speed limits into the import interface of GPSMapEdit version 6.0? (See attached .PNG)
Hello all.

I am trying to figure out how to import shape files exported from ArcMap 10.2 into GPSMapEdit v6.0 with specifically assigned attributes predefined in my map from ArcMap to be selected after I import them into the map editor.  I.E., all my road polylines have attributes, like speed limit, one way, road name, assigned in ArcMap but do not select the right attributes in the MapEdit program after I import them.   It seems to be something simple but I still can't get it to work for me.

Anyone have any insight or experienced a similar problem?  Any information is greatly appreciated.