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I have software to convert .gpx files to .mp files and then to .img files using mkgmap (java app).  I generate free, easy to follow maps for off-road motorcycle riding and racing.

I want to generate the .mp requests to place a highway number sign at a given lat/lon (see example road number signs in attached graphic).  When I read the cgpsmapper docs, it's not obvious.  It seems like I should be able to use a [POI] container and then generate something like the following (I have created a custom _point for type 0x01 that's just a rectangle):


The above sort of works - it places a label NEXT to my custom rectangle (not in it).  Here are my questions:

  • I don't use cgpsmapper but rather mkgmap - does mkgmap support the special ~[0x01] sequences that cgpsmapper does?  This seems to be documented nowhere I can find.
  • And on the subject of mkgmap vs. cgpsmapper, why should I use one vs. the other?  All the online docs says to use mkgmap since it's newer and supported.  Can anyone please comment on this.
  • Rather than use a custom point like I am, is there a standard road sign TYPE that I can use.  If so, what is its TYPE code?
  • I am using ~[0x01] as the special text prefix but the cgpsmanual also says ~[0x2A] for an interstate sign symbol.  Which one should it be?  Very confusing in the doc

Thanks in advance for any help

Map Making Support / How to convert KML to OSM or .mp
« on: January 09, 2018, 02:32:13 PM »
I have done a bunch of searching and have found no definitive results.  Short story is I want to take KML files (from google maps) and produce either and OSM file or a .mp (polish) file and then run mkgmap to make maps.  I was wondering if there is an existing application to do this or if there are any code libraries (any language acceptable) to do the same.  I don't necessarily need full-on KML conversion.  I am looking to convert tracks and simple polygons to OSM/mp.  I am about to write code in python to do what I need and would love to save time or get ideas from existing code.  Hopefully, I have missed some obvious way to do this... Thanks.

I recently purchased an etrex 20 with the garmin 100k topo installed on the SD card.  I had copied other maps from gpsfiledepot to the sd card and accidentally deleted the garmin topo 100 .img file when cleaning up the other topo files.  I happened to have copied the garmin .img and other files from the SD card to my PC in case I did something like this.  Thinking I could just copy the files back to the SD card from my PC and be in my way, I was in for a rude surprise (unit says it cannot unlock map).  I called garmin and they told me to insert $100 for a new map.  Are there any options?  I tried to convert the .img file using the MapSetToolkit but that crashes (because I have no .TYP file so I made up an empty TXT file?).  Thoughts?  Related to this - I searched this site for a US topo but can only find individual states - is there a single US topo file posted somewhere?  Thanks in advance.

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