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Site Support / Search maps by date
« on: March 21, 2009, 10:46:01 PM »
It would be nice to be able to look at all the maps uploaded/updated by the date added (I think the only sort available is geographic at this time).  Maps are coming in fast and furious these days.  I have about 8 maps I'm keeping on my Garmin, and other new maps come in that catch my eye too (the Sierra Raster Topo, for example, even though I won't get down there for a while).

Anyway, if I check in to the site every few days, and there are more than 5 maps updated, I potentially don't see the maps I want on the "Recently Added/Updated" list.  I've taken to coming to this site every other day to avoid that problem, but today there were 5 updates alone (or more, who knows?), meaning any other map addition or update is unknowable.

Would this be trivial or complicated to add, based on the organization of the map files?


Using The Maps/Garmin Software / Updated maps
« on: February 22, 2009, 06:13:11 PM »
What's the procedure for loading updated maps that come with the installer?  I'm now at my first opportunity to do that, with the updated NW Trails map.  Do you just install over the old version, or do you uninstall the old one, then install the new?  Clearly, the big question is how does Mapsource expect it to happen.

I assume this is pretty SOP for some of you.


General Discussion / Garmin update
« on: February 22, 2009, 06:09:41 PM »
I'm not sure how many of you visit the Garmin site, but in checking in this week, I found that they were going to update my maps.  I got the updated North America street map, plus EcoRoute software, plus the Mapsource program.

I have a nuvi 205 btw.

I haven't seen any other mention of this, so maybe no one else goes back to Garmin.


Map Making Support / Routable things?
« on: January 24, 2009, 03:45:24 PM »
I'm a newbie with this, so bear with me if this has been discussed somewhere else (I did look).

This is referring to the concept of making things routable.  Let's start with the general question:  How does my Garmin Nuvi software differentiate between auto, bike, and pedestrian?  As I've gotten a chance to use it a bit, fooling around, I notice that a lot of perfectly good walking routes (through parks, sidewalks that connect cul du sacs, stairways in hilly areas of Spokane and Portland) aren't known.  Not that I expected that level of detail of course.  One description I saw said that "pedestrian" mode allows travel down the "wrong" way of a one-way street.  I'm not sure what would be the software's idea of a bike route.

In testing, I notice that the uploaded free maps don't have routable trails, but that Garmin sells maps with routable trails.  In other words, the software can handle it someway, but we (the community at large) either don't know how, or it is prohibitively difficult to code in your maps.

If the software is simply taking the easy way out, and allowing walkers to go the wrong way on a one way as it's complete solution, I think I have a way to make trails routable to walkers but not to vehicles - make them one-way, outwards from a center point or trail junction.  The trail would never be routable by car (you could never gain access, against the "direction of traffic"), but would allow pedestrians.

It's just a thought.  It would seem to be a lot of work (I've seen the NW trails maps), but doable just the same.


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