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I am tired of the "one map layer" limitation inherent with Garmin's Basecamp software.  I have been using mapping software on PC's since the late 1990's ... so I know it is not so technically challenging that their developers cannot figure it out.  Therefore it must be a strategic decision made by thinking they can sell additional mapping products or whatever.  All I really know for sure, though ... is that it is major PITA for me. 

Does anyone have experience with alternative software products that can display multiple map layers -- the same maps that I will have on my Garmin Oregon 650T?  It would be nice if the software was a complete replacement for Basecamp, i.e., it could manage all the data loaded on the GPS (maps, waypoints, tracks, routes, etc.).  But the main thing I want is the ability to view the waypoint and track data recorded on my GPS on top of a topo map that also shows trails.  For me this means showing my GPS data on top of Cotopo11 and MyTrails maps (just like my GPS does -- except viewed on my larger computer monitor).  Free is fine but I would also be happy to pay for a full-function software alternative.  Heck, I would be happy to pay Garmin for it, if only they would provide it!