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General Discussion / Problems loading multiple OSM maps onto Basecamp
« on: June 06, 2018, 12:17:44 PM »
I'm a noob at this.

I had downloaded a section of tiles in Eastern Europe, and installed the map onto Basecamp using the osm_generic_windows.exe file, and had no problems. I then used Javawa GMTK to rename the map to OSM Eastern Europe, and also gave it a new id, and that seemed to work fine. I was also able to transfer the map from Basecamp onto my Nuvi.

Now, when I try to install another OSM map (for Great Britain) using another osm_generic_windows.exe file, I get an error message saying:

OSM generic Routable is already installed.
Click "OK" to remove the previous version and continue installation, or click "Cancel" to cancel this update.

My question is why I am getting this error message when I have renamed the map to another name.

I do have a folder: C:\garmin\Maps\Worldwide Garmin A Z Routable\OSM generic routable , but that dates back to 2017, and I can't tell exactly what's in it--my guess is that its the world map that comes with Basecamp, and it was there when I installed the Eastern Europe OSM, and did not cause any problems.

What should I do?


In the past, when I am going to make a driving trip to another country, I would download the map from this site into Basecamp and my Nuvi.  I then created MyMaps for my trip, often by day, making sure that I numbered each point to keep them in order, output each map to a KMZ file, imported that into Basecamp, created a route from the points for each KMZ, and Sent it to my Garmin.

It usually took a little while for the Nuvi to process this, but at the end, I would get all the points in Favorites (but in no obvious order), and I also got each day's route in Trip Planner, with all the points in the correct order of travel, unless some point was not reachable by car.

I just updated BaseCamp to 4.6.4, and am planning a trip to Slovenia.  I went through this process, and while all the points showed up in my Favorites, only the starting point and the final destination were in the relevant trip in TripPlanner.  I wondered if this was because the intermediate points were not reachable by car, but when I tried to create the Trip manually, I was able to do so in all but one, where the point was slightly off the road.

I have tried this repeatedly, including using two computers, and with no success, which is really frustrating, as I have done this several times in the past without any problems.  Can anyone think of anything I might have messed up?


Are there any maps for roads in countries like Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro?  Alternatively, should I just use a general Europe map, and where can I find it?

I need it for a car trip to these countries.


Iíve been trying to use my GPS to determine how a hike is.  I drive from my home to where the hike starts.  There, I turn on the unit, go to Setup, Reset, Reset trip data, and also Clear Current Track.  In addition, I also Clear the current track in Track Manager.  When I look at the Odometer, it shows that everything has been zeroed out.  My profile has been set to recreational.

At the end of the hike, I save the track, and also look at the Odometer to check how many miles it says the hike has been, and turn off the unit. When I get home, I download the track into Basecamp.

What I find is that the unit consistently adds the distance from my home to where the hike started to both the Track saved, as well as the Odometer, despite my having reset everything, and the Odometer showing zeros at the start of the hike.  Plus the Odometer and the Track mileage do not match each other by a mile or so.

What am I doing wrong?


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