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GPSr Units / 60csx topo map image quality
« on: April 07, 2010, 07:27:39 PM »
I'm a newb here, so please bear with me.  I recently got a 60csx and thought the Garmin Topo's were the only solution, then I stumbled on this sight and was thrilled I was going to save some money.  I have downloaded a number of topo's, had no trouble getting them into Mapsource with the help of the tutorials.  The quality in mapsource is great.

My frustration is that the display on my gps is nothing like the screenshots I have seen (which are how the topos are displayed in mapsource).  All the maps seem to have a solid brown background, no variation, and the countour lines are inconsistently displayed (some contour lines show up, others only have the height displayed - no line).

I have looked through all the forum's for this problem and don't see anything exactly like it.  Do I need to follow Garmin's procedure for resetting the GPS and trying again?  I can't see where I have changed any settings, and I can get the mapset selected that I want to see.  The transfer from mapsource was straight forward...

Any advice?

Thanks in advance, Tim

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