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GPSr Units / Combine Tracks into One?
April 07, 2010, 10:22:25 AM
Hey all,

Hopefully I'll be able to succinctly explain myself without confusing everyone.  ;D

I have a gpx file of many tracks that comprise the Florida Trail.  When loaded in my Oregon 450t, the Track Manager displays them as it should.  At issue, is the shear number of tracks that the attached file holds.  Is there a way that:

a) I can make it into one set of tracks and name it as one file?  "Join Tracks" in Base Camp made a mess out of that.


b) Save those tracks as a map that I can turn on or off at my leisure?

TIA for any help.


I'd like to start by saying thank you for the great data that this site provides.  I have downloaded the FL topo map (Mac version) to my Mac.  After unzipping it, I double click it to launch Map Manager.  "Florida Topo.gmapi" comes up as a map to install.  I click install, and the map is supposedly installed.  When I open my GPSr (60CS), there are no maps present.

Any thoughts?