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I downloaded IbycusUSA2.0 and several TOPO maps to load on my Garmin 60CSx via Mapsource.  All went smoothly and I have them loaded on the unit and a backup of my SD card IMG file on my PC.

Since all the downloaded data files were so big and bloating my C partition size, and since I had the backup of my SD card IMG file, I moved the TOPO and IbycusUSA files off my C partition to My Documents for future use, if required.

Now my Mapsource won't launch.  I get an error with my IbycusU2 installation and it asks me to reinstall it.

I think I understand that IbycusUSA2 is different from the TOPO maps, which are installer EXE files vs. just EXE files.  But since I've already downloaded everything, loaded it all on my GPS unit and backed up my SD card image I really don't want the large installer files on my C partition any more.

How can I get my Mapsource to launch again without reinstalling it and possibly losing my database elements, like tracks and waypoints, etc?

Without trying to learn how to use junctions, can I delete the many Gigs of C drive topo map files since I've got a backup of my gmapsupp.img file?
Using The Maps/Garmin Software / Garmin Mobile PC GPS 20X
September 30, 2010, 01:31:16 PM
Can I load OSM maps into this software?

I'm used to using MS with my handheld unit, but this Mobile PC system seems so elementary I can't find any function to open an *IMG file I've downloaded from OSM.

Am I doomed to buy the Garmin disk and does it do the installation in a protected mode?

I'm leaving for Italy Saturday and sure would like to use my OSM file.

Thanks, Ron
Has anyone here ever thought about storing different versions of your Garmin SD folder on your hard drive to overwrite or recover an erroneous or deleted map file.
I just went through the hard learning process of overwriting mine from MS with a small map I thought I was adding to that file.
Seems like an easy thing to do that would take much less time than reloading the maps from MS.
Just askin'...
I used GPS Visualizer to draw a hiking route and convert the image to a GPX file.
Then I converted the file to a GDB format using GPSBabel.
Here's the reference site:
I open the resulting map in MS and set waypoints along the drawn track.  The track and waypoints show up beautifully and are clearly contained in the other data boxes on the left menu.
I save the GDB file, using the appropriate topo map section to save it, then load it on my data card in my USB reader, with the map and data boxes checked.
I put the card in my 60CSx, show the map section and expect to see the route waypoints, but don't.  I set waypoints at the start and end of the track with the 60CSx function and they are there.  But the waypoints and track data I see in MS and "loaded" with the map section are not.
What am I missing here?
Shouldn't what I see in MS and load onto my topo map show up on my 60CSx, no matter how I built the track and waypoints?
General Discussion / City Navigator Alternative
April 15, 2010, 11:57:39 AM
Just trying to get my new 60CSx together and have downloaded some topo maps here, but wondered if I need to buy Garmin's City Navigator or is there an alternative available?