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I have a question concerning Inno or rather looking for some ideas. I have created transparent map files containing polylines for roads and points for various POI. I would like to add more POI without having the map cluttered with Icons of POI the end user is not interested in. My icons are 32x37 so they can be easily viewed while riding a motorcycle. However, if I can allow the end user to choose the POI he/she is intersted in seeing then the end map is less cluttered.

I'm experimenting by creating a separate .img file for each POI catagory. Then combining the Polyline .img and .typ file with the various POI .img files. I'm using SendMap20.

Secondly I am trying to incorporate using GMAP files after conversion to avoid the regisry entries.

I have been sucessful on both counts. However, now I would like to provide this functionallity within the INNO setup file so the end user could select what POI he/she wants included during the installation to PC, making it a matter of loading one map to the GPSr.

Am I asking for to much? Just trying to make it very simple on the users end. Especially those new to GPS and/or somewhat computer illiterate.

Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated. Looking at Boyds "Map of the Pines" script now, since my script is dated.


Map Making Support / Is it possible
« on: May 21, 2012, 06:18:23 AM »
Is it possible to install my custom TYP file in Mapsource/Basecamp so that when I am creating my gpx files I can just select the same icon I use with my maps? I'm aware of the custom waypoints but it limits me to 64 icons. Right now I'm having to modify them later in in GPSMapEdit. I'm trying out JaVaWa ImgFromGPX to speed up my process.

Map Making Support / TypWiz3
« on: May 05, 2012, 02:54:39 PM »
Have seen that TypWiz 3 is available but went to the site and cannot download it. Site says to send email for url but no email is listed. Anyone know where to go from here?

Tried sending to [email protected] but recieved message that the email address doesn't exist?

Map Making Support / Newbie with questions
« on: May 03, 2012, 08:01:12 AM »
I'm using TypWiz, GPSMapEdit, MapSetToolkit, cGPSmapper and Basecamp to create transparent overlay maps on a Zumo 550 and a Nuvi 1300. and a 2010 Honda Goldwing Nav system which is also a Garmin.

These are some issues I have run into that I could use some explaination and/or help with.

Custom Roads/Polylines I have had little difficulty with. I have created 8 different types and used 0x1 thru 0x8, and they seem to work fine although they appear at 5 miles on the Zumo and 5 miles on the Nuvi, and 8 miles on the Honda. Map detail settings are at normal.

Custom POI/Points have been a major problem. My types are 0x1601 thru 0x1b16. Some are not being used. I've determined it's better to use 24x24 bit icons. They appear at 300 ft on the Zumo and stay displayed until I zoom back out over 300ft. They appear at 1 mile on the Honda and stay visible until I zoom back out over 8 miles. The Nuvi 1300 is a different story. The POI appear at 0.8 miles but some disappear and others appear as I zoom in and out. The icons are sometimes replaced by a small black square and often disappear completely as I zoom in closer.

I downloaded the same map from Basecamp to both the Zumo and Nuvi then copied the Nuvi's  gmapsupp file to the Honda's SD card. 

Something else I haven't figured out yet. I would like to remove all the labels created in the GPSMapEdit program but still allow the name/label to be display while the cursor is over it.

Any help and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Map Making Support / Thank you and quetions
« on: April 04, 2012, 07:34:04 AM »
I would like to thank the admin/moderators for their efforts and making this forum and site available. I would like to thank the members for their input as well. It has been a wealth of information and learning to me. The links to programs and tutorials and the questions answered here have proved invaluable.

I am working on a hobby/project which is creating transparent overlay maps, tourguide files and custom poi for motorcyclists. I've progressed through a learning curve based on information collected throughout the web but this has been the best resource I have found.

I do have a couple questions though about draworder and zoom levels and categories of POI. I am only creating custom typ files containing polylines (roads) and custom poi. I would like the polylines to appear at any and all levels and wish to have the poi appear on top of the polylines at a certain zoom level and beyond. Can someone guide me as to the easiest way to accomplish   this ?  In other words how to edit my typ file draw order properly. Also what is the best approach for organizing POI categories and saving these categories? Just do it in Mapsource and Basecamp  or can they be saved in the typ file itself. I'm using TypWiz2

I'll also post this in Map Making Support dupe thread removed

Thanks again


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