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I've downloaded the colorado topo map into basecamp & can view it there, but can't get the map onto my oregon 450.  i tried following the instructions on the website, but when i right click on the "device" (oregon 450) -- nothing happens..  please help..
General Discussion / Windows 7
February 16, 2012, 01:16:33 PM
I just bought an oregon 450 & am trying to get 24k topo maps on it.  I tried downloading all the programs listed in the tutorials & couldn't get the map to show up in BaseCamp.  I eventually gave up & deleted everything & figured i would try it a 2nd time.  After downloading BaseCamp this time i got an error message indicating i need a different version of windows or something - Anyway, my question is --- I have Windows 7 Home Premium;  will this version of windows not support all this fancy (new to me) GPS stuff?