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The TIGER data contains not only shapefile sets (edges.dbf, edges.prj, edges.shp, edges.shp.xml, edges.shx), but also database only file sets (featnames.dbf, featnames.dbf.xml). If I understand this correctly the featnames.dbf contains identification information for records contained in edges.shp and they are associated by the TLID. I know how to load the edges.shp file into PostgreSQL/PostGIS (shp2pgsql, psql) and I think I can load the featnames.dbf (shp2pgsql, psql). Now how do I associate the TLID so that I can generate shapefiles that contain selected additional data from the featnames table.

Map Making Support / Question on map you might be making.
December 02, 2009, 11:38:42 PM
I noticed that you have recently uploaded the map of the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands TOPO Map.  Thank you very much. It looks good.

In a post somewhere on this forum, that I can no longer find, I recall you saying that you were working on a map of Guam. The thread was in reference to US Territories and Protectorates raster files. Are you planning to produce such a map? I am very much interested.

I attempted this myself about a year ago and ended up with a less than satisfactory product. Since some time has passed, I assumed that data sources would be better and newer tools will have simplfied the process. I'm disappointed to say that I'm having a more difficult time now than I originally did, but I'm not giving up just yet.

It appears that you are the author of GNIS Process.

I am trying to build a map of Guam (territory of the US) and maybe some of the other pacific islands.  The current GNIS Process only lists the 50 states, but I know data for the US territories exists at  Could these be added to GNIS Process or could you share the process that GNIS Process does?  I'm thinking I could do it by hand.

BTW When running Hawaii as a test,  I get a "Run-time error '62': Input past end of the" in a dialog while the status says "Extracting GNIS Zip File".  Testing with Minnesota runs fine.

I'm trying to build my first topo map.  It is of the island of Guam in the pacific.
I'm using the instructions from
as best as I can.  I used this tutorial instead of the one on this site because I only have 1 file for the water data and thought this method was shorter.

Since Guam is not one of the 50 states I had to get some of the data in slightly different ways, although I don't these differences would affect the map outcome.

Downloaded DEM data from usgs seamless server
2 sections

Converted tif to mp using dem2topo (2 files)

Loaded both .mp into GPSMapEdit, set levels/layers and saved as new mp

Requested hydrography data for guam from

Loaded NHDFlowline.shp and NHDWaterbody.shp into GPSMapEdit.

When zooming in to an edge of the island, it seems that the outline of the island (which is in the NHDFlowline.shp file) does not match the contour lines.  I looks like the flowline data is about 1500 ft to the east and 500 ft to the north.

The .prj file from the DEM data says
Projection    GEOGRAPHIC
Datum         NAD83
Spheroid      GRS80
Units         DD
Zunits        METERS

The .prj file from the NHD data says

Does anyone know how to fix this?  I tried to use many other datum settings, but none seem to line up.
At this piont, I'm not really sure which is correct, the contours, or the water data.

Attached is a section of the map that illustrates this problem (hopefully it posts).